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Best Practices for Website Navigation and Information Architecture

Website navigation and information architecture are very important components of any website. Navigation provides users with a web design to explore your web design and development company and to find out the information they need, while information architecture determines how the information is organize and presented. Effective navigation and information are an important part for ensuring that the users can find out what they are looking for quickly and easily. 

What is website navigation?

Website navigation is a group of user interface components that allows visitors to find content and features on a website. These components could be in the form of copy,  text and buttons, and menus.

That last time mentioned is possibly the most relevant in effective website navigation, so let us briefly define what a menu means in website design.

What is a website navigation menu?

A website navigation menu is an organized listed of links and to other web pages, usually internal website pages.  to allowed visitors to access the most useful pages very fastly. 

While helping to the other people  to move from one web page to another page is the main priority, it is not  the only one. Navigation also helps the visitors to understand  the relationship between individual pages on a website. 

Navigation is see as the top of the iceberg of a website’s information architecture. The research, strategies, management, and organization that went into building the website’s IA. 

What is the sub navigation on a website?

Sub-navigation or local navigation, is the interface of a website. Where your website visitors can locate lower-level categories of a sites . These are usually sub categories of main navigation link.

Take the nonprofit website for instance. The primary navigation menu contained the menu and the item Support. Whenever you have that item, a sub navigation menu appears, offering multiple ways to support the factors. This is effective because visitors can smoothly find what they are looking for, but the menu is not overwhelming at first appears.

What are the types of website navigation?

Here are some common ways of website navigation you may consider as you build your website.

Horizontal Navigation Bar

Let’s talk about the horizontal navigational bar. As you have guessed, the horizontal navigation bar is the most common type of the navigation. It listed the major pages side by side and replaces them in the website header. 

While these sections are popular for a reason, you should not be afraid  to customize your website by adjusting your menu. When you built your navigation bar, consider your website purpose and your audience. What are you trying to achieve on your website, and what are visitors looking for?

Dropdown Navigation Menu

For  next, we have the dropdown navigation menu. This option is ideal for content rich websites with a complex IA. You can listed the most important items in the top-level navigation bar. Then, you can add the rest in the  dropdown menu.

Hamburger Navigation Menu

Another option you should keep in your mind in website navigation is the hamburger navigation. You must be already familiar with this menu because it is popular with mobile website design. 

On a smaller screen size, however, they will hide behind on the hamburger button on the smaller of the screen sizes. If there is any limited real estate on your website or you don’t want navigation taking up a large cube of space, the hamburger navigation menu might will be is in the right choice.

Vertical Sidebar Navigation Menu

Now, we will talk about  vertical sidebar navigation menus. This is a better choice for website navigation because it offers a perfect  user experience. The items are filled on top of each other and positioned in the side bar.  You should admit, this is very less popular navigation than the horizontal navigation, but the vertical navigation has some benefits. Freehold is not as limited so that you can write longer navigation links. There is also the opportunity for top level options.

Another option is the navigation menu is footer menu. It is typically paired with and expands on a horizontal navigation bar. They can scroll down to the bottom of the page where they can find more options. 

Website Navigation Bar Design

With website navigation bar design, there is no one right way. But there is a right way to think about how you will set up your navigation.  By considering how you can enable first-time and iterate visitors to make the most of your website. You can’t go wrong if you want to create your website navigation with in mind.

That’s actually a good thing because it means you are enough considering your target audience in mind.

What should be included in the website navigation bar?

Because there are a lot of pages on your website, deciding which are important enough to be part of the universal navigation can be risky. For the SEO and users experience, recommends keeping your navigation limited items at most. 

But how do you start a small business in the field? Stake holders from your company can be have different opinions about what is good navigation and or not but keep your users’ experience on central.  Here are some ways that  you can get started explaining what is your website should visitors to see on your menu.

Card Sorting

Card sorting is a simple user experience technique that helps you to get into the mind of your website visitors and designing the navigation from their stand point. And no, you don’t need any user  experience to try this exercise.

Attribution Reports

 This is your website navigation design that can be benefit from attribution reports. If your marketing analytic software provides, this is the perfect navigation for deciding what should be go into your main navigation.

Users Flow

If you don’t have any attribution report, you can still see which pages are important on your website through the Users Flow report in Google Analytic. 

How should you phrase your navigation options?

The best way to sentence  your navigation options is several depending on the type of the organization  you may run. For starters, you can opt out  for straight-forward navigation or experience with more creative labels. Of course, we make sure whatever you choose feels worthy to your brand.

When we choosing the words to use in your main navigation links, what is the most important part to remember is to first think about the terms your customers would use to describe these pages. Then, think about search engine optimization.

Here are some important rules of website navigation are given below-

Keep it easy 

The first and most important rule of website navigation and information architecture is to keep it easy and effective. Your website should be easy to navigate and understand, of a user’s and level of experience. Avoid huge users with too many options or too much information on a single page. Use clear and easy  language in your menu items, and organise content in a logical and effective manner.

Use consistent and expressive labels

Consistency is a key when it comes to the websites navigation. Use consistent labels throughout your website to ensure that users can understand what they are clicking on. Label menu items with expressive, meaningful titles that accurately reflect the content on that page. Avoid using generic or cloudy  labels, such as services or products, that don’t provide any content or information about the page.

Create a hierarchy of information

Information hierarchy is an important  component of information architecture. Organize your content in a way that reflects it is importance and relevance to your users. Use headings, subheadings, and  points to create a clear hierarchy of information. This will help users to quickly identify the most important information on a page and navigate to it.

Provide multiple way  of important content

Users  have different ways of searching for and finding information. Provide multiple ways  to fill important content to fill different user preferences. Use a combination of menus, links, search bars, and buttons to help the users find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Implement bread crumbs

Bread crumbs are a navigation aid that provides the  users with a trail of links to their current location on the website. Bread crumbs are especially used for websites with complex structures, such as e-commerce sites with multiple categories and sub categories. Bread crumbs make it easy for users to go backwards to previous pages or navigate to related content.

Use visual sign 

Visual signs ,such as icons, images, and color, can help users to quickly identify different types of content and navigate to the information they need. Use icons to represent  the different categories or different types of content, and use color to highlight important elements on the  page. Avoid messing up your site with too many visual signs, as this can be massive and confusing for users.

Test and repeat

Website navigation and information architecture are not set in a stone. Test your website with the real users to see how they interact with your navigation and information architecture. Use analytics tools to track how the users navigate your website and which pages they spend the most time on. Use this information to repeat and improve your site’s navigation and information architecture over time.


Effective website navigation and information architecture is critical for providing a positive user experience. Keep your website’s navigation simple, use consistent and graphic  labels, create a hierarchy of information, provide multiple ways to convey important content, implement bread crumbs, use visual signs , and test and repeat to continually improve your site’s navigation and information architecture. Following these best practices users will help ensure that your users can easily find the information they need and have a positive experience on your website design and development services delhi. When you design your website navigation, you must carefully believe your visitors and website goals. your website, and their ability to do so can seriously impact their willingness to stay. Plus, search engine bots can be benefit from strong website navigation design.

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