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Best Places to visit in Lima


Lima is one of the best places that can be on your travel list. Here you can find the sprawling metropolis and these are not just tourist images. Closer look at the city proves that here you can find a lot of interesting things to do. The fascinating and colorful inland scenes can be explored here and these are quite fun. You can take time to explore the vibrant city that is outstanding. 

You can set the cultural stage for whatever you see in Peru. Check out the colonial architecture here, witness the beautiful buildings, embellished and intricately carved wooden balconies and a lot more.

Plaza De armas

Plaza De armas is a broad Square historical center. This is an amazing sightseeing place and most of the buildings here were constructed after the earthquake. The building is regarded as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The place is popular for tourists and there are various new buildings and restaurants that are housed here at this place. Moreover, the place is very popular among the tourists, here you can find a bronze fountain in the center that is situated in the middle.

Convento De San Francisco

The place has a church and a monastery. Here you will find narrow hallways, and the place is lined up with skulls along the hallway in a geometrical and symmetrical pattern. You can check out the impressive collection of religious art here. San Francisco Church is also preserved well here. The San Francisco church and monastery were developed in the year 1673 and is regarded to be one of the best and preserved colonial churches.

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