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Best Free Movie App To Watch Movies Online

Nowadays, it is a trend to watch movies at home rather than going to movie halls. You can easily watch shows, TV series, and cinemas on your laptop, phone, or computer at your home. Actually, OTT platforms are making the process easier. You can easily access the OTT platforms. In the situation of covid19 pandemic, the rate of increasing the content on streaming platforms is high. 

There are apps like Disney Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon that provide content on a paid basis. Sometimes you may have the desire to watch movies without spending any extra money. It means you want some applications, which are free and at the same time they are also legal.

Best Free Movie App To Watch Movies Online

You can access titles of the movies and dive to see these legal apps for free. 

1. Popcornflix:

Popcornflix is an online movie streaming application where you can watch movies for free on your TV, laptop, or computer. There you will get different menus for TV series and movies. Once you visit the movie section, you will be able to find the genres and it will narrow your search.

This application has several available genres like action, crime, sports, thriller, and many more. There is a filter named “not seen,” which will help to distinguish the movies that you haven’t seen yet. Basically, it helps to refine the watched movies so that later it will not get messed up on your application.

Popcornflix has many interesting features:

  • When you are watching movies no one likes any type of interruptions. But as you are using a free application it will come with an advertisement. The best part about Popcornflix is that it comes with shorter advertisements. 
  • It has a wide collection of the latest and most popular movies.
  • It is segmented into two categories. One is TV shows, and the other one is the Movies category.
  • It has options of “language changing” and “subtitles on/off.”
  • You can install and use this application on any operating system, be it on iOS, Android, or even Roku. 

2. Tubi TV:

Tubi TV has a catalog that offers 35,000 movies for free, and it also has different sections for different genres. You can easily browse by features and can watch popular movies. While you are logging in to the application, you can easily add movies to your column. You can even watch movies on the web version of Tubi TV. Along with that you will also get the screencast.

Features of this application:

  • The available movies in this application are of high quality.
  • The inner tech of this application works smoothly.
  • You can watch movies along with subtitles.
  • You can easily download it from play store or iStore.
  • It has a different segment for the kids’ category.
  • It also has the same segments for TV shows and movies like Popcornflix. 

3. Crackle:

This application is from the house of Sony Pictures, and it also has a great reputation with amazing features. It has the best collection of old movies as well as new hit blockbuster movies. It lets you watch online TV shows for free. You don’t need to log in to watch tv series and movies, but if you want to, then there is an option for that. 

Crackle lets you refine the genre and narrow it by title, date etc., which is mainly in the movies section.  

The features of this application are:

  • All movies have captions. You don’t need to search separately.
  • Every time you do not need to log-in in the application. Once you have done the registration, it will automatically bring you to the main page.
  • It has a lot of movie options. You can watch almost anything that is as per the norms. 
  • It is supported for android, windows phone, or iPhone. The movie player works wonderfully.

4. Pluto TV:

Pluto TV is an application that has vast features in content streaming.  It has an interface that is simple, and it has free channels. Here you can watch movies and TV shows for free.  This movie player is neatly organized and also has a clean look. Also, you can sign in and customize your viewing options on Pluto TV.

The features are:

  • The movie player works wonderfully.
  • There are many channels that are only dedicated to movies.
  •  It automatically hides those particular channels where you do not watch movies.
  • It is available for both iOS and android.
  • You can watch movies at the same time when it is playing live on television.
  • They have on-demand movies that you can watch.

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5. Crunchy Roll:

It is another application for those who love to watch movies. This application mainly has Japanese anime and TV series. It has a mixture of new releases and classic shows. It also has a wide library of original content. Some of its shows are like Dr. Stone, Fireforce, and many more.

This application has amazing features:

  • You can watch movies and TV series for free or you can subscribe for 8 dollars per month.
  • Those who have a subscription can easily access the new shows. It also offers an ad-free watch along with a download option for movies.
  • It is available for android, iOS, Apple TV etc. 

Wrapping Up:

Above mentioned movie apps are undoubtedly the best. You can easily access and watch movies, web series, and cinemas as per your choice. Along with that, all of them have one common feature that they all are supported in every system. 

Disclaimer: Try not to load those applications with unreliable sources. It may provoke a punishable offense in the future.

* uwatchmovies is one type of big online streaming site. It offers numerous options for watching movies and tv shows. 

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