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Best Cute Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming

As we already mentioned, mechanical keyboards are among one of the most popular types of computer input devices. They have quickly become ubiquitous as people have flocked to them, particularly since the arrival of RGB lighting. With all sorts of different layouts, features, and styles, there is something for everyone!

Many people enjoy using a keyboard with some cool special features or that has unique looks. While not necessarily better than other models, these ones are just plain cute! We will discuss several examples of each in this article. So, let’s dive in!

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We will be breaking down the best cutty mechanical board designs according to three main categories: Trackpad style, phone dockable, and vertical docking. You will see that many companies take advantage of the space above a laptop screen by creating vertical docks. These are usually equipped with additional key presses or trackpads designed specifically for gaming.

Some even include full-size USB ports! This is very helpful if you want to use your device with a controller such as an Xbox One console or Playstation 4 system.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

The best mechanical keyboards are not necessarily ones that are expensive, but instead those that have crisp keys, feel good to type on, and are vibrant in colour. They are also durable, though some may consider them cost-distant due to their price!

The one thing all of these beautiful keyboards have in common is they are both mechanically designed and feature fully programmable key functions. This allows you to create your own shortcuts or features such as creating a media shortcut by pressing Ctrl + Shift + M.

A feature many people use is called N-Key Rollover. This allows for more pressed keys to be detected, increasing accuracy and speed when touch typing.

Another cool feature most advanced keyboard users add are backlit buttons which allow for easy night time game playing. These are usually found under the space bar or anywhere else there is room.

These types of keyboards can get rather pricey depending on how much you want fancy, so make sure you do some research before investing in one! However, if you are looking to spend around 250 dollars and up, then these are worth it since they are professionally manufactured.

Microsoft Sculpt Advanced

The first mechanical keyboard we will discuss is one that has become very popular in the gaming community over the past few years. It was originally designed by an individual who created it as a simple, elegant keyboard with some unique features. Since then, the manufacturer has made several changes to improve upon the original design.

The most noticeable change comes in the form of the key switches. Rather than using typical white plastic push-to-activate buttons, this ergonomic board uses red ACT switch technology. These are still just regular solid pieces of silicon, but they activate faster and more smoothly than the previous version.

This gives you better feeling keys, which means improved overall experience. The speed at which these keyboards react also allows users to type much quicker!

Another feature that many people admire about the Microsoft Sculpt line is its dedicated media button. This button can be used not only for music, but also videos or other applications like YouTube. Some even use it as their home screen launcher because it is so easy to access!

Overall, the feel of the Microsoft Sculpt is sleek and feels well built. Many people have said that it is comfortable to hold onto for long periods of time due to the soft touch surface.

Cherry G80

Best cute mechanical Keyboards for Gaming

When it comes to choosing between mechanical keyboards, one of the biggest differentiators is actually not about how cool they are but rather what kind of game you want to be able to run them while playing.

If you’re just starting out as a gamer or have never played before, we recommend sticking with the easier switch types until you get your feet wet.

For example, if you choose the Brown switches, then the G80 has three main modes: tactile, clicky, and crisp. All three feel solid and good!

But if you know some basics like typing, then going up a level will make your gaming experience that much better. That’s why we suggest trying out the more advanced switch types such as the red-brown hybrid or the linear tactile.

These will give you all the same benefits without being too difficult to use at first. They’ll also help you learn the best way to take care of your keyboard so it stays in top shape.

Logitech G Prodigy

The best mechanical keyboards are not necessarily the most expensive ones, nor are they always the sleekest looking. Some of the best brands make their products that are more budget friendly but that does not mean they are lacking in quality.

Mechanical keyboardists will agree that some of the keys feel very solid and durable whereas others can seem kind of flimsy. The types of switches used also matter as some require more effort to type with than other styles.

If you are looking to start exploring the world of mechanical keyboards then I would recommend starting with the cheaper end of the market first. You can easily find a great fully functional model at around $100 – $150 which is enough product for most people!

Something like the Razer Blackwidow or Microsoft Sculpt Comfort is perfect for beginner users who want a simple experience. They both use an easy-to-access top row of buttons which are extremely popular these days.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma

The best mechanical keyboard is, arguably, the Razer BlackWidow Chroma. This board has been around since early 2017 with an ever-growing community of users. It boasts some of the most comfortable typing experiences you will find, along with one of the highest rated backlit styles.

The Razer Blacks are no longer considered ‘vanilla’ keyboards – they have special features that appeal to many people. One such feature is its fully customizable Chroma lighting. You can change the colours and effects for each key just like you would with any RGB colour monitor or light show system.

This board comes preloaded with popular software such as Microsoft Office and Steam so it is ready to go when you are. All of these applications work beautifully while using the board! If you are looking to start your journey into mechanical keyboards then this one may be more accessible than others.

Unicomp UCP-S1

The first mechanical keyboard we will be talking about is the Unicomp UCP-S1. This board features fully programmable key switches that allow you to create your own unique keyboards! You can choose from several different switch types, like blues, reds or greens.

The best part about this keyboard is its two sided design. One side has function keys (for example, volume up/down) while the other has media shortcuts (for example, YouTube, Netflix). These are both very easy to access and use!

This board also comes with Omron DIGI feet so it stands firmly and does not wobble. Overall, this board was designed with gamers in mind! It is super sturdy and feels good to type on due to the smooth matte finish of the top plate.

Dell Inspiron Black Edition

The first mechanical keyboard we will be looking at is from Dell. This board boasts an impressive feature that many feel makes it special- blue backlighting!

Dell calls this technology ‘corner illumination’, which seems like a much better name than RGB to use. What happens here is each key gets its own small light source, making it glow with pretty colours.

This can be adjusted through software so even if someone doesn’t love the look they can change it. It’s also very easy to do, just download some settings apps and you’re all set!

This board comes equipped with red, green, and yellow keys, but there are no blues to be found. That isn’t a big deal though as you can easily buy extra ones or make your own! You probably already have most of the parts needed in your home anyways.

Overall this board was super comfortable to type on and take breaks with while gaming. Even if you don’t care about the design too much it is still an excellent choice due to the lighting option.

Apple Magic Keyboard

The best mechanical keyboard is, arguably, the Microsoft-made Chantelle. It boasts of having one of the fastest typing speeds out there, and it is very sturdy and reliable.

Not only that, but it has extremely customizable keycaps which you can buy or make yourself! You can even create your own backlit ones if needed. All of this makes it easy to find the right colour scheme and layout for your personal preferences.

The overall quality of these keyboards are also quite good, making them worthy additions to any gamer’s collection.

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