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Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Autoflowering Indica Strains

Growing marijuana from seeds provides you with the opportunity to control every aspect, from choosing the seeds to what methods you use to grow the plants and harvesting the resulting buds. When you’re looking at seeds to buy, it may be beneficial to consider purchasing one of the autoflowering indica strains. These options provide numerous benefits and are known to be easy to grow, so they’re perfect for the beginning grower or someone who has more experience. 

Why Purchase Autoflowering Seeds? 

Autoflowering strains are some of the easiest to grow because there’s no need to adjust the lighting or other details to get the plants to start flowering. Many beginners will opt for autoflowering seeds as they’re getting started to prevent messing up the transition or so they don’t have to worry about making sure everything is exactly right to still get a formidable amount of buds when the plant is fully grown. One of the best options for beginners or those who want to grow marijuana without a lot of fulls is to choose an autoflowering indica strain.

The Benefits of Choosing Indica Strains

Indica strains on their own provide many benefits for growers, making them a great option whether you’re new or not. These strains are perfect for relaxing at the end of the day or for therapeutic relief that is needed by those who use cannabis for medical purposes. Some of the biggest benefits of growing an indica strain include the following. 

  • Low Profile – These plants don’t tend to be as large, so they won’t take up as much room while they’re growing. Often, they can also be grown closer together, creating a smaller footprint even if you’re growing several plants. 
  • Easy to Grow – Indica strains are known to be a lot easier to grow because they aren’t as impacted by the choices for soil, water, light, and more. Beginners are often recommended indica strains to start with because of how easy it can be to grow them. 
  • Highly Resilient – Indica strains are highly resilient against pests and diseases, too. While care is still needed to help the plants grow, you won’t have to worry as much about what to do to keep them safe. 

How Long the Plants Take to Grow

Start with germinating the seeds. It can take up to a week to germinate the seeds and ensure they’re ready to be planted, and there are many different ways to germinate seeds to help them start to grow. Once the seeds have started to grow, they can be transported to the growing medium. You’ll want to pay attention to the growing medium used, the amount of water they need, the lighting, and other details to help them grow. From germination, it typically takes around eight to 10 weeks for the plants to fully grow, though some may take as long as 12 weeks. The specific strain used can dictate the amount of time it takes to go from germination to harvesting. 

If you’re ready to start growing cannabis at home, whether you’ve done it before or you want to try it for the first time, an autoflowering indica strain may be an excellent idea. Take the time to look into the various options available to find the perfect one to try. From there, you’ll want to germinate the seeds and start them growing. Before long, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

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