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Based Timofey Shults Russian Fashion Blogger in New York

Russian fashion blogger in New York means being a blogger and a fashionista in New York, United States. This might sound bizarre, but he doesn’t just mean that he is a blogger who lives in New York. He does have another life as well – a job as one of the most popular fashion bloggers on fashion. In this article, we’ll be discussing this man’s life and his journey from Russia to New York, United States

Russian fashion blogger

A Russian fashion blogger in New York in fact, it is not just a trend but also an art, which can be considered as one of the most important fields for bloggers to express themselves. Fashion bloggers have transformed their lives and become successful because of their passion for dressing up clothes.

The fashion industry has changed with time and now, there are many different types of fashion bloggers. They have been able to create their own unique style through their clothing and make people love them more than before!

Fashion Bloggers are not only good at writing about fashion but also good at styling your outfits and giving you tips on how to look better in your clothes.

Who is the Best Russian Fashion Blogger in New York?

New York City is home to many Russian fashion bloggers who interact with other bloggers through social media. These women share their experience and knowledge on topics such as clothing, make-up, accessories, hair care and beauty tips.

They also provide advice on how to look good both inside and out so that you can feel confident and put together at all times.

The best Russian fashion blogger in New York will help you learn more about the latest trends in the industry while staying up to date on what’s happening around you at all times!

Karina Nigay

As a teenager, Kareen was fascinated by fashion magazines, which gave her an opportunity to develop a taste for quality clothes and accessories. After graduating from high school, she moved to Moscow to study fashion design at the Faculty of Arts of Moscow State University (MSU). It was here that she discovered her passion for photography, which led her to focus exclusively on this area of ​​fashion blogging.

She began working as an editor for several Russian publications such as “Vogue”, “Russkaya Mysl” and “Glamour”. Her work was regularly published in these publications throughout her studies at MSU. In addition to being an editor, Kareen also worked as a stylist in different projects such as advertising campaigns and photo shoots. Since then, she

Yana Fisti 

Yana has more than 100K followers on Instagram and her account is full of interesting content that makes readers want to keep watching her feed. Her photos are high quality and they show how much she cares about what she posts on her page. Besides, she always uploads amazing outfits every day, so it’s easy for us to find something new every time we visit her page.

Besides being a blogger, Yana has been working as an editor for several years now! She has worked for different brands like Zara, Mango or Asos (among others) and this experience helped her create a successful blog where she shares all kinds of tips regarding fashion trends and outfit ideas.

Marie Novosad 

Her YouTube channel has more than 1 million subscribers and over 2 million views per month. As of October 2018, her channel has over 250 videos uploaded since May 2017. She has also appeared in several television shows such as the MTV show “Faking It” and the NBC show “The Voice”.

Marie’s YouTube channel is very popular in Malaysia because she shares her ideas and tips for creating a personal style that fits your personality and lifestyle needs. Also, she often talks about Malaysian designers such as Suzy Wong, JJ Lin and Jelita Lee who are known for their unique designs that reflect the true essence of Malaysian culture while being fashionable at the same time!

Anna Midday 

Anna has worked with brands such as Vogue Paris, Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s Bazaar UK. She also appears regularly on Russian TV shows like Fashion Talk and Fashion Taxi.

Anna started blogging on Stylehive in 2013 when she was 18 years old. Her blog focuses on fashion inspiration, travel tips, beauty tips and more. In addition to blogging, Anna also works as an editor for Stylehive’s sister site StayFashionable (sydney) where she edits posts from other bloggers who write about their personal style journey or the latest trends in fashion.

In 2017 Anna was named one of 25 Fashion Bloggers You Should Know by InStyle Magazine To know more information stay with the businessfig.com


A lot of Russian fashion blogger in New York City are very different. Some of them write in Russian and publish their blogs there. At times, they get paid to be a model for other companies that want to advertise the latest trends. For it was one of these companies that hired him to come to New York City and model the latest trends.

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