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Aubrey Gold – Who is Lauren Kay Wambles?

If you are interested in knowing more about Aubrey Gold, you are not alone. This article will give you some insight into this actress’s background and life as Lauren Kay Wambles. It will also explain her alias, as well as her education and career. If you are a fan of this actress, you may want to check out her bio. Read on for more information! This article is written by Aubrey Gold’s fans.

Lauren Kay Wambles

The actress, known by her stage name Aubrey Gold has been charged with the second-degree murder of Raul Ambriz Guillen. According to her arrest record, she began working at the Southern Nuclear Company in November, two weeks after her 18th birthday. Before joining the industry, she was a high school dropout, and got her stage name after her mother. She prefers working with older men, and has hobbies like hunting, fishing, shopping, and fishing.

Lauren Kay Wambles, better known as Aubrey Gold, was charged with the murder of a man in Florida in 2018. She has been sentenced to five years felony probation and pleaded no contest to the charge of accessory after the fact of second-degree murder with a firearm. Her trial will begin in January 2019.

Aubrey Gold’s alias

Aubrey Gold is a porn star from the United States. She was born on March 12, 1997. Her career in the porn industry began when she was just 18 years old, but now she has a well-deserved reputation in the industry. Her blue eyes and blonde hair complement her sexy body and sweet disposition. She gives her all to every scene she appears in. Aubrey Gold’s alias is “Lauren Wambles.”

Aubrey Gold started her nude modeling career in 2015 and currently has 20 nude covers, 5 photo sets, and 14 videos online. She also goes by the alias Aubrey. She has modeled for premium nude sites including Nudegirl.com, Nude.com, and NudeTab.com. If you want to know more about the nude world, you can visit Aubrey’s profile on these websites and see how she fends off men.


Nusenda Credit Union is proud to partner with the APS Education Foundation to promote the success of a local student. This week, they will highlight Aubrey Gold, who attends a local school in Dothan, Alabama. She has made tremendous progress this school year, thanks in part to her great academic performance. Aubrey’s beautiful handwriting and art skills are just some of the many reasons why she deserves to be praised. She enjoys learning and working with different colors and numbers.

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In addition to being the daughter of a teacher, Aubrey Gold is also a former high school dropout. Her education and career have been troubled for years, and her academic performance has suffered. This is why she’s had trouble concentrating in school. Her tutor is effective in the dick department, but her focus is not. However, she is not as sharp as her classmates. In the adult industry, she often prefers to work with older men.


Aubrey Gold is an American actress and model who began her career in pornography in 2015. She was born on March 12, 1997, in Dothan, Alabama. She has worked with top studios, brands, and distributors in the adult industry. She is a highly versatile actress and has played a variety of important roles. Aubrey Gold has a very diverse background. She is a model and an actress, and has modeled in magazines and commercials.

Aubrey Gold has a long list of credits to her name. She was born on March 12, 1997, and started her career in the porn industry the following year. Her high school expelled her from their school, but she has continued to work and acted ever since. She currently has 61 credits listed on IMDB. Her net worth is unknown. The following are a few interesting facts about Aubrey Gold.


The former porn star Aubrey Gold, real name Lauren Wambles, was missing for more than a month before his body was found in a shallow grave in Florida. The investigation into his death has begun with Lauren Wambles pleading no contest to being an accessory to his death. He is accused of shooting Guillen after a dispute over drugs and money. The investigation has included cadaver dogs, which were used to search for the body.

The actor Troy Montero announced his engagement on Instagram on February 14, 2018. He used the hashtags #SheSayedYes and #Engaged and wrote in the caption, “Here’s to forever with you!”. The couple were planning to tie the knot on April 23, 2020 in Batanes. They have two children together. The other child Aubrey has with a previous boyfriend is named Morley.

Net worth

Aubrey Gold has an estimated net worth of $250K USD. She earns a large amount of money by being a model and acting. She also has 65 credit cards. Her income is derived from sponsorships. The company that sponsors her is Pulse Distribution. However, she is currently in jail on murder charges for the death of Raul Guillen. So, how much money does Aubrey Gold have to spare?

The young actress and model was born on March 12, 1997. She has a long list of accomplishments, including numerous photo shoots in bikinis. Her parents are very supportive of her career ambitions, but she doesn’t like to share her personal life with the media. She prefers privacy and does not make many public appearances. Gold began her career in 2015 with the production company R. Kings. She has appeared in several movies and television shows.

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