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Atlantic Self-Storage review: An Insightful Review

Self-storage units in Canada have become increasingly values over the years. As of right now, there are less than 3,000 pan Canada. But it makes sense, considering the tax percentage. 

But talking about self-storage itself, there has been a rise in the users of self-storage units all over the world. In fact, the value of the self-storage industry is estimated to increase to over 64 Billion US dollars by 2026.

Such a great rise in value of the industry is accredited to the incredible services of the industry. Self storage facilities in Canada, USA Uk and all over the world provide their customers with storage space for rent. 

Yes, the customers can rent storage units of varying dimensions, features and prices, and securely store their precious belongings on a month-to-month basis. The best self storage companies provide a plethora of unit sizes, prices, features and time leases to choose from. 

Traditional storage units, climate controlled ones, indoor units and outdoor ones, etc. The customers have a lot of specifications that they can choose from. Alongside, interested customers can also choose from a large list of companies who provide storage services. 

One such company being Atlantic Self-storage, which I will be reviewing today. The review will be divided into three parts: Their Website, Their Sizes and pricing, and their Customer reviews and online persona. So lets get into the first topic.

1. Their Website

When browsing for storage units online, the first thing that people notice is the website of the self-storage company in Canada for the best offers on units. It is an immediate turn-off if the website is disorganised and messy. So it is important to have a well-built website as the face of your company for a solid impression. 

Atlantic reviews has achieved that flawlessly with their blue and green themed website that provides the customer with everything they could need to find their perfect storage unit. Really, from location search tools to FAQ’s, they have left no stone unturned. The first and foremost tool you will see on their home page is their search bar. 

It makes it possible for people to search postal or zip codes and get immediate results about the storage facilities near the specified area. Scrolling down further takes you to a ‘Rent Or Reserve Now’ button which takes you to the facilities listed by Atlantic Self-storage. 

Following which there is a button to take you to their features page, which lists down the types of units they provide, and their features. They seem to provide four main types of storage units, viz Climate Controlled storage, Outdoor Drive Up Units, Boat And RV parking and Truck Parking. 

The features of these units include ADA Accessible, Freight elevators, moving carts, private unit storage, communal parking options and so on. This in my opinion, makes it incredibly easy for customers to navigate their way through the facilities and units provided. 

Because they will not be confused about which unit provides what features, making the unit search overall easier for the customer. The end of their home page has links to information about their Public Sales page, Size guide and FAQ’ too. The FAQ’s are a great way to answer any questions or confusions you might have.

2. Their Sizes and Pricings

Firstly, lets see what their Size Guide offers. The guide contains the dimensions of their units and comparisons to give you an idea of how big the unit actually is. And as per their Size guide, their smallest unit is the 5’ x 5’ unit which is roughly equivalent to a standard walk-in closet. 

Further, they have 5’ x 10’ units equivalent to a large shed, 5’ x 10’ units the size of half a standard garage, 10’ x 15’ units which are around as big as a large bedroom, and so on. The guide also provides information about what type of items are perfect for each unit size. 

As for the prices, they differ for each unit and each location. To give you a rough idea, a 5’ x 5’ climate controlled unit in 1089 Atlantic Blvd, Atlantic Beach costs $89 a month, whereas a traditional unit of 5’ x 6’ in that facility costs that $69 a month. 

It can seem like a daunting price at first, especially when you are new to self-storage renting. So to make it easier for their customers, Atlantic Self-storage provides flat 50% off of their monthly rent for the first 3 months of renting.

But the same units cost much lesser in 310 Mayport Rd, Atlantic Beach. A 5’ x 5’ unit costs only $49 a month and a 5’ x 10’ unit costs $69. Each of their facilities provide 50% off for the first 3 months though, so it lessens the initial burden by a lot. 

3. Their Reviews and Online Persona

Reviews generally reflect the service quality of a company and their customer satisfaction. Same goes for all the best self storage companies in the USA and all other countries. Atlantic Storage too has reviews given by their customers on their website. 

To point out some of them, Michael J. Forrest was incredibly satisfies with his experience at one of the companies facilities. He mentioned how helpful the team at the facility had been to him. 

And how they helped him in determining the best units keeping in mind his storage requirements as well as his budget. A lot of their customers have rated the company 5 stars based on their experience.

But the reviews on a company’s website are not always fully reflective of the company’s true brand image. It is necessary to refer to an unbiased source, which in this case is Google Maps. I searched up the facility on maps, where they have 46 reviews with majority being 5 stars. 

Their customers have left glowing reviews for the company. Many have talked about the helpfulness of the facility; others gleamed about how clean and well run the site was. Further, they also responded to the reviews as well as questions about their facility. 

This goes to show that they take the time to interact well with their potential customers to help them. Their overall rating was 4.6 stars, which is a great rating, considering how difficult customer service can be sometimes.

To conclude,

Atlantic Self-storage seems to have done a great job at keeping their customers satisfied with both their storage units, as well as customer service. To further seal the deal, the self-storage company in Florida is engages in charitable activities. 

They are involved with charities like FarmShare,  Christ’s Starfish Foundation, Movers for Moms, etc. This definitely shows their concern towards the society, and further improves their social image. 

So on the basis of all these points, I would say that the company is definitely worth the love it receives. It is surely worth a try if you are looking for storage solutions in that area.

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