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Asif Ali Gohar Keeps Business Growing Despite Setbacks

Growing a Business Through COVID

               Beginning a new business, especially a whole new product and method, is challenging during any type of economy, but with the recent setbacks that have affected all businesses worldwide it becomes even more of a challenge.

               Lockdowns that occurred across the world limited both sales and employment. Several types of businesses where closed or limited for several months. Making it very difficult to find new customers and to retain current customers. To keep a business alive during this time it became key to find ways to continue some type of operation. This was an ideal time to step up on the efforts of finding suppliers, looking for new contacts within the industry. And to grow a network. When all of these are in place. There is a higher success rate in business growth after the relaunch of the economy.

               The reduction in sales leads to a downturn in the ability to complete ongoing research. Money that was used to research must instead funnelled into keeping the business functioning. While this can slow the rate of new developments. It can also allow for the rate of growth to slow and the business to catch up with demand. It allows for practicing and perfection of current procedures and locating ideal resources and suppliers.

               Shifting focus and the limitation of resources may also affect the speed with which products created. It also creates a space for products to be placed more in the public eye. And for marketing to be increased or altered. While business may have been slowed it did not stop completely. And there are several methods and ideas that are put into place to keep a business alive during difficult times.

               Even during the recent limitations and the downturn in the economy. Asif Ali Gohar has continued to keep his business growing and reaching out to new investors, locating new suppliers, and more. He continues to find funding to grow the procedures. And improve the processes that are used, reducing the cost and the effect on the environment to provide an eco-friendly and vegan alternative to leather. He has kept the business active, managed to continue growing opportunities. And building connections with both suppliers as well as customers. His products have continued to improve and there are more uses than ever for the leather that being made.

               Coming out of the drastic changes this brought to businesses. He continues to grow his contacts and is seeking new suppliers. Looking for additional rice suppliers throughout Pakistan, this company continues to look toward the future. And the growth that is possible in changing markets. Vegan products and options are growing in demand and that is not slowing regardless of other occurrences. Options limited and this is an ideal time to move forward and grow the uses of this leather alternative. Experiences from the last few years has altered the market in ways that may not return. And preferences for high quality and environmentally safe products are in increasing demand.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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