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Are You Ready To Delve Into Deepholm In The Newest Hearthstone Mini-Set?

Delve into Deepholm is a Hearthstone mini-set that adds 38 new cards including four legendary items, one epic, 17 rare, and 16 common.

Find a hearthstone account for sale on U7Buy right now! A new Hearthstone card set is available. We are talking about the Delve into Deepholm collection. As the name suggests, the lore behind this update concerns the area known as Deepholm. How did we get there you might wonder? It was all thanks to the Bloodrock Mining Co. and their incessant operations. They have dug so deep that they’ve opened a portal in the Elemental Plane. How do you think the elemental denizens reacted to this happening> They didn’t take it too lightly. If you haven’t known the Stonemother’s wrath so far, you are in for a treat.

Hearthstone Dive into Deepholm Characters and Cards

The Dive into Deepholm mini-set contains 38 cards. We have four legendary items, one epic, 17 rares, and 16 common cards to acquire. You can open them in Showdown in the Badlands. The alternative is to buy the complete set. The normal version costs $15. The all-Golden pack is $70 and includes a Diamond Legendary card. If you prefer to use gold, you will pay 2,000 gold for the normal version and 10,000 for the golden one. Now, let’s check out some of the cards in this set. We will start with one of the main characters, Therazane the Stonemother. She has a legendary card that costs seven mana. The attributes are seven attack and five HP. Therazane has the taunt and deathrattle perks. When she dies, she doubles the stats of all the other elemental cards in your deck and hand. Deepminer Brann is another legendary card. He has a six mana cost with two attack and four HP. His battlecry effect makes all your other battlecries trigger two times if your deck doesn’t have duplicate cards. The Heartblossom is a common card that boosts the attributes of a friendly minion by two. It also deals two damage to a random enemy. You can use the World Pillar Fragment epic card to discover an elemental to summon and put the others in your hand. The rare Deepholm Geode is an elemental minion that does two damage to all enemies when your turn is over.

Hearthstone Dual-Class Cards in Delve into Deepholm

Exploring Deepholm and surviving it are two different things. You cannot resist the elements on your own. The miners and outlaws agree that they need to form an alliance. Thanks to the Delve into Deepholm mini-set, players can once again use dual-class cards. Four of them are available. Most of these combos put together a mining class with an outlaw class. The Crimson Expanse is a common card that summons a copy of a damaged minion. The summoned minion becomes dormant for one turn. The Burning Heart common card inflicts two damage to a minion. If it doesn’t die, your hero receives three attack for one turn. Deepholm was added to World of Warcraft in the Cataclysm expansion. Besides questing and working on the Therazane reputation for the shoulder enchant, players came here looking for the rare spawn Aeonaxx in the hopes of getting the Phosphorescent Stone Drake mount. Visit https://www.u7buy.com/ for cheap Hearthstone accounts and boosting!

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