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Are Hard Wax Beads Less Painful?

For their premium material, practical use, and safe results hard wax beads are ideal when it comes to proficient and efficient body waxing. Hard wax beads ensure a less painful, comfortable, and professional removal of unwanted hair

Painless wax beads

Hard wax beads are made with soothing ingredients that ensure less post-wax pain. They are also easier to rip without hurting your skin.

Though hard wax beads are less painful with their swift hair removal, these beans should be applied with caution to sensitive areas.

Hard wax beads reduce the level of pain to a minimum but only if you do it the right way. Though the hair removal process with hard bead wax is the same as that of soft wax your beautician should be familiar with the consistency of the melted hard beads.

If the melted beads are thick in consistency, they will cause trouble when spreading wax evenly on your skin.

Time management also matters a lot as the melted hard bead wax is meant to cool faster after its application. If your beautician let it cool for longer, the wax will crack up on your skin and hair will not be properly removed.

With any of these conditions, you might end up losing your pain threshold and things will lead to an unpleasant situation.

You can search online for beads wax price in Pakistan and compare different brands with respect to their features, effectiveness, and cost.

Pre-wax skin preparation

Properly exfoliate your skin. This will help to remove the dead skin and will reduce the chances of ingrown hair. The chance of skin irritation and small tears increases if you wax unexfoliated skin.

Rinse your skin, dry it, and apply some talcum powder. This step will remove dirt and sweat and will help the wax to adhere to the hair properly.

Apply it yourself

  • If you are self-applying the hard wax, use a professional wax heater. These beads generally take almost 10-20 minutes to melt down and the wax heater will keep a reliable supply of heat to gauge the right consistency.
  • Wax your hair when they are at least ¼ inches long. Hard wax generally adheres to fine and smaller hair. but if the length of your hair is shorter than ½ inch, it will make the process more painful.
  • Keep stirring the wax beads when they are melting and apply the wax with a firm hand on your skin. Apply it in the direction of your hair growth. Once applied wait for a few seconds and then check if the wax is hard enough to pull. Pull the wax in the direction opposite your hair growth swiftly and firmly.

Benefits of hard bead wax

Using a professional hard bead wax for hair removal will leave you with no regrets. They have multiple benefits including

  • Hard wax adheres firmly to your hair and does not hurt your skin.
  • Having a low melting point and gentle treatment makes them safe to use.
  • With its thick consistency, hard wax creates less mess and leaves less to no sticky residue behind.
  • Removes fine hair and reduces ingrown hair.
  • With regular use, hair becomes thinner and the results last for 4-6 weeks.


  • If you are having your first wax session for a certain occasion, try to make your appointment at least a week before that day. As you don’t know how sensitive your skin is and how it will react to certain chemicals.
  • Do not rub, exfoliate, or apply any moisturizer (except soothing lotion), right after your wax.
  • Before waxing, check out for any burns, or rashes as even a small cut may result in irritation.
  • Avoid sunbathing, swimming, hot saunas, and workout for at least 48 hours after you waxed your skin.

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