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App Development: A Guide to Generating and Validating SaaS Ideas

Did you know that the SaaS industry is a quarter of a trillion-dollar industry and is expected to reach half a trillion by 2025? If you’re ready to jump into this ever-growing industry, you might be ready to start coding today. But before creating your program, you need to validate your idea.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to validate the right app development idea because this article has you covered. If you’re wondering how to develop apps for your startup SaaS company, then keep reading to get our beginner’s guide to app development validation.

1. Begin by Solving a Problem

There is a lot to consider when creating an app, especially if you want to jump into the competitive SaaS business. And just as with any business plan, your product must solve a problem.

People are busy and don’t want to bother with learning a new program unless it solves a pressing problem that causes frustration, loss of time or money, or other pain points. You must start by identifying how you’ll help your audience.

For a business, the problem you might solve could include inventory management or customer management. For individuals, you might solve personal finance or health issues. Regardless of your audience, start with the problem, not the program.

2. Determine Your Ideal Audience or User Profile

Once you know what problem you’ll solve, you need to start building your audience. The best way to do this is to build your email list so you can communicate with your audience while you complete the rest of the steps.

Once you know who your target audience is, you’ll want to go where they are and begin to drive traffic to a landing page so you can build your email list. Again for B2B, you should consider YouTube or Linked In. And for B2C, you can use any social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram.

3. Study the Competition

The next step to validate your idea is to evaluable the competition. How large is their audience? How much revenue do they generate each year?

If your competition is doing well, this isn’t a bad thing it means there is an audience, and they’re hungry for a solution. Your job is to create an alternate solution that provides features your competitors don’t. Find the gap and fill it for your audience; this is how you build a winning app for your SaaS startup.

4. Develop a Continual Feedback Loop as You Create Your Software

Now that you have an audience and a product idea, it’s time to start talking with your audience. Notice you haven’t started to build your product yet. You’re going to do that as a part of this final step.

You’ve probably heard of the Lean Startup Loop; it is a feedback cycle that allows startups to validate their product while they create it quickly. Your loop should include the following three steps:

  • Build
  • Measure
  • Learn

By following this cycle, you can quickly and successfully develop a winning app that will solve a problem for a large enough audience that your SaaS program will surely thrive. From drop shipping to e-commerce and beyond, you can create a winning app if you follow these steps to success.   

Follow These App Development Tips for Success

As you can see, app development isn’t only about creating an amazing new software program. To create a successful business, you must start with a winning idea. And our best app development advice is to take the time to validate your idea before you start building your app.

Now that you’ve got your validated idea, it’s time to start building your app. Luckily, with the power of AI, you can build your custom app without a developer or knowing how to code. To learn more, click here to see about Builder Studio solutions.  

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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