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Anniversary Rings- Your Questions Answered

For those who are curious, an anniversary band is worn to celebrate a special occasion.

Similar to a wedding ring, but presented on the anniversary date instead of the wedding day, is the anniversary band. Anniversary rings are often plain gold or platinum bands, however, they may sometimes be adorned with gemstones or diamonds. Women are the traditional recipients of anniversary rings, however, men and women sometimes exchange identical rings to celebrate a milestone anniversary. There is a wide variety of anniversary rings for ladies to choose from on Tungsten Rings Direct, from basic gold bands to elaborate diamond rings.

When Should an Anniversary Band Be Given?

An anniversary band may be given or received at any time of the year. Although many couples exchange rings on significant anniversaries like their 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, etc., others like to switch it up every once in a while and give each other rings on their anniversary of the year that they least anticipate it. Anniversary rings are a classic present to give to your spouse in whatever year you choose to commemorate your union.

Renewing your wedding vows is another happy occasion to present your partner with an anniversary ring. An exquisite ring is a lovely token of your love and devotion. Choose the stone that corresponds with the conventional anniversary present for that year of marriage, or match the number of stones in your anniversary ring to the number of years you’ve been married for an added dose of feeling.

An Anniversary Band: How to Wear It

An anniversary ring may be worn in several different ways. A wedding or anniversary ring may be worn on any finger on either hand. It only depends on your preferences! If you don’t want to overcrowd your left hand’s ring finger, you may wear your new ring on your right ring finger instead. To wear it on another finger is an option. You decide!

If your wedding or engagement band no longer suits your taste, you may want to consider switching to an anniversary ring as a new symbol of your commitment to one another. After all, this latest anniversary ring is a great excuse to treat yourself to a more impressive ring. Here are some options to consider if you plan on keeping both your engagement and wedding band and are seeking fresh inspiration on how to style your ring.

Combined with the Wedding Band and Engagement Ring

You may wear three bands on the same finger, including your engagement ring, wedding band, and a third ring if you choose. A magnificent and substantial style that will get you noticed everywhere you go might be achieved by stacking your rings.

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