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Seven E-Recruitment Methods, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Traditional hiring has effectively been replaced due to e-recruitment methods’ advantages and disadvantages. Why disadvantages? Well, because the cons of e-recruitment weigh lighter than conventional procedures. Therefore, gone are the days when candidates blew a fuse by being cheesed off of waiting without success.

Companies have stopped driving aspiring candidates up the wall by adopting productive and efficient e-recruitment methods. Remember the time of our fathers? When they were continuously striving or angling to seek jobs! Printing out resumes and posting away. We are marvelously opportune! In a blink of an eye, we click away, and boom! Our CVs are sent to a substantial number of recruiters. No paper wastage, no significant time consumption, and no hassle. It is the so-much-needed sensational change.

This post will kick about the super seven e-recruitment methods and tie up the pros and cons of this great switch of this century.

The Amazing Seven E-Recruitment Methods, Advantages, and Disadvantages


1. Specialized Applicant Tracking System

These highly specialized soft wares actively scan the relevant resumes that perfectly fit the company’s job descriptions. Their programs are implemented with algorithms dedicated to bringing out the required results. They are labor-saving as they have massively lessened the workload and responsibility of HR managers. 

2. Job Platforms

Employment-seeking platforms were undoubtedly the best idea we have ever digitalized. They are fast, convenient, and loaded with obliging options. 

Without stirring a bit, you can reach out to hundreds of recruiters from the comfort of your cozy couch. And the process is super straightforward; sign up for an account as an employer or job-seeker, fill in relevant info, and you are all set.

Some websites and applications provide auto resume builder tools; hence, you don’t have to look for CV writing services online. Isn’t it easy and smooth as falling off a log? Well, dive in and reach out to the awaiting opportunities for yourself. 

3. E-Interview

E-interview or the interview from your place of convenience saves you cost, time and effort. It also assists the candidate from interview-room fright. Hark back to when you were next in the turn for viva before the examination panel. Entirely fidgeting with rattling teeth and sweaty brows, what a time?! Hence this method neither eats away the employer’s time nor provides the applicant with shaky movements.

4. Online Testing

Pre-interview testing is a constructive method of sorting out applicants. The deserving ones with the required skills and expertise can be hired quickly. Moreover, this limits the usage of the company’s funds while hiring. Since everything is online, it’s more cost-effective and easily accessible.

6. Firms’ Websites

Some companies post their job openings in the career section of their respective websites. It is effortless as you must apply after selecting the position you are interested in and following the rest of the instructions.

7. Advertising

Previously, job openings used to be published in newspapers or magazines. Of course, these are low-paced forms of media with short lifetimes. A newspaper gets daily, who’s going to read the old one, unless for reference? And by the time the reader got to know and decided to apply, the role had already been filled. 

Now, electronic media is prevalent. With a single notification and newsletter, you get aware. Companies actively post their pending or current positions on their relevant pages, which is cheap and fast.

7. Social Media

Applicants have significantly searched social Media sites for employment. Therefore, recruiters look for talent on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, et cetera. You might wonder about hiring for LinkedIn profile writing services UAE, and your profiles give them an impression. Therefore, make an outstanding one!

Moreover, these electronic media also serve brand awareness, digital marketing, promotional content, etc. Therefore, utilize it as it suits you and goes well whether you are an employer, employee, or job hunter.


·         Hassle-Free and Time Saving

This merit does not require extensive elaboration. It is common sense that commuting for interviews wherever the workplace is located and waiting in the queue is annoying. As time passes, your determination goes down, and you come on the mode of ‘just get done with it.’ 

However, with the advent of the latest hiring procedures, you have a facility to get pre-assessed online after the recruiter has approached you. Then you’re being called for your slot: no time wastage and no hassle.

·         Ease of Management

Imagine looking across piles of CVs, hunting for required keywords, and making manual evaluations. Tedious, yeah? The tiresome factor has been eliminated as things have been organized and sorted. The resumes of potential candidates get sorted out by the programs, and they’re called for interviews or testing. 

·         Enhanced Chances of Finding the Perfect Match

Since employers have the power to reach out to thousands of promising applicants at once, they are suitable to pick the perfect one.

·         Improved Flexibility

Even if you have any queries regarding your employment, you can ping the representative responsible for recruiting. And from the employer’s perspective, changing their posted job is pretty effortless. Whether the position is closed, open, or even the hiring is going on. It is at the fingertip of the representatives to inform the aspirants.

·         Increased Competition

Applying for a relevant job is just a matter of a click, and it allows thousands of candidates to apply for the position. Hence the competitive pool becomes concentrated. 

·         Poor Connection

The online interviews and pre-assessment tests often observe connection, sound, and picture quality issues. Well, they all come in handy with online mode.

·         Wrong Impression

Since everything is electronic, it lacks a personal touch. And it often costs a company if the unsuitable applicant gets hired.

The mediums for hiring potential candidates have changed and proven more effective and fruitful. They are far more convenient and high-yielding. You may argue that the underlying cons are the pain in the neck. Nevertheless, pain in the neck sounds more okay than the whole body, right? And that’s what age-old recruiting procedures had been doing to HR Managers—making them work their fingers to the bone and straining their eyes through excessive usage of screens. Ah! What a relief. 

As an ending note, optimize your recruiting processes while simultaneously struggling to increase the personal touch. Building a company’s strong and positive impression is also obligatory. But never let it slip from your mind to prioritize ambitious candidates by providing them unbothersome journey to their professional life.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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