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Amazing Experiences You Must Try While Glamping 

One of the best experiences to have in the wonderful land of Ladakh is river rafting. You can choose between thrilling white water rafting on the Zanskar or the more serene (but equally exciting) slow rafting down the Indus. This river that originates in Mount Kailash and the Mansoravar Lake, enters India through the region of Skardu in Baltistan. As you row down its fast-flowing length, you are treated to some amazingly picturesque sights. Spot the various gompas or monasteries on the river bank and drink in the wonderful glamping calm of Ladakh as it envelops you. If you’re feeling especially daring, you can even enter the river for a quick dip with permission from your guide. The water may be bone-chillingly cold, but nothing henceforth will ever seem quite as refreshing. For those with weaker hearts, you’ll still get to experience the icy cold water, as it splashes on and around you when you encounter grade I and II rapids. These are pretty gentle, but immensely fun.


The striking landscape of Ladakh is bound to call to the explorer in you. From glacier fed streams, rolling hills with soil that appears to be seven different shades, cloudless bright blue open skies, snow-capped peaks and remarkable canyons, any opportunity to trek during your Ladakh luxury tours is one you shouldn’t miss out on. There are a number of easy grade and difficult treks you can take in the region, though trekking conditions are more suited to experienced trekkers. Make sure you’re physically quite fit and drink plenty of water, since the altitude in most places is 3500 m or higher and altitude sickness is a very real danger. Also, make sure to go with a guide, independent trekking is possible, but not really advised. However, any danger and risk pales in comparison to the experience of completing a trek in this amazing region, with prayer flags fluttering in the wind and a feeling of true accomplishment coursing through your veins.

Bird Watching:

Nature enthusiasts, especially birders are in for quite a treat in Ladakh. So don’t forget your binoculars and bird book when you pack for your Ladakh luxury holiday packages. There are a number of migratory birds that fly in from warmer places in India that spend the summer here. Common among them are the Indian Redstart and Hoopoe. Water birds such as the Brown-headed Gull, Brahmini Duck, Ruddy Sheldrake and Barhead Goose can also be spotted. One of the rarest birds, the Black Necked Crane is only found in Ladakh and Tibet and makes for a wonderful sighting. High-altitude birds such as the Tibeten Raven, Red-billed Chough and Chukor also call the region their home. The Lammergeir Vulture is quite common here as is the Golden Eagle. The sight of these raptors swooping in the sky is quite a thrilling sight. About 225 bird species have been recorded in this area. How many will you spot during your luxury travel in Ladakh?

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