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All You Need to know about Wax dab kit 

The consumption of marijuana is no secret to the world; with time, its popularity is rising as well. However, the ways of consuming it are varied and depend on the intaker’s preference. 

Though the latest and preferred form of taking cannabis is wax or, in other words dab, this form is the most concentrated form of cannabis attained through vapourization. People prefer smoking wax because of its high concentration of all the components present in cannabis. 

Now this wax can be consumed depending upon the type of wax dab kit you choose, but before we dig into that, let’s dig a little more into wax dab. 

What exactly is a wax dab?

The process of consumption of cannabis can be done in several ways, such as smoking the flower, edibles and ingesting tinctures. However, the most preferred way is through wax or dab. Wax is nothing but the most concentrated form of the constituents of cannabis, which is done by the process of vaporization. 

This wax mainly contains THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabinoid) with other constituents as well. It got its name due to the concentrated material’s texture which is in the range of wax or can be oil too. 

Types of wax 

Depending upon the process of attaining wax/dabs, its texture may vary. These are:

  1. Sugar wax dab
  2. Crumble dabs 
  3. Shatter dabs 
  4. Oil dabs 
  5. Budder dabs 

Types of Wax Dabbing Kits 

There are basically three types of wax smoking kits you can use to consume the wax dab, such as:

  • Typical Dab Kits 

These are the proper dabbing kits that are being used to smoke the wax. It includes multi-chambers of glass and a complex structure. The wax is spread on the glass sheet provided within the container, which then is heated to produce flames; these flames are inhaled directly. 

A typical dab kit includes certain parts, which are:

  • Dabbing Ring
  • Dabbing Tool
  • Torch/ e-nail controller 
  • Nail 
  • Way to hold the wax product 


  • Using Glass Straw

This one is a budget-friendly option for people who are tight with money. Initially, one end of the glass tube is heated, which then is brought in contact with the wax dab; as the wax gets melted, it produces fumes. These fumes can be inhaled directly through the glass tube’s other end. 

  • Wax Pen 

These are compact in shape with pen-shaped structures, which are very easy to use. You just have to turn on the pen button, which heats the wax and produces fumes that are inhaled through the mouthpiece. A wax pen is a portable option for typical dab kits.  


Consumption of marijuana has been in work for centuries though dabbing is quite new to mankind but is the most famous form due to its high percentage of THC and other cannabis constituents. 

Now that you have learned about wax dabs and how to consume them choose which wax dab kit is perfect for you and experiment with it. 


Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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