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All You Need to Know About Merbau Fencing Before You Build

When it comes time to build a fence around your home, there are many factors you need to consider. One of the most important is the type of wood you will use. Merbau fencing is a popular choice because it’s durable, longlasting, and resistant to decay and termites. This blog post will discuss all you need to know about Merbau fencing before you make your decision!

Merbau fencing is a popular choice for Melbourne homeowners because it is a durable and longlasting timber that seasons well with minimal degradation. It is also termite and decayresistant, making it a strong and stable hardwood. Merbau is naturally oily, which helps to protect the wood from staining, rotting and insect damage. This makes Merbau an excellent choice for fencing, privacy screening, decking and other structures around Melbourne. Featured design options are available for Merbau fencing, so you can create a fence that perfectly suits your home and landscape.

The benefits of Merbau fencing

  •  Durable and longlasting
  •  Seasons with minimal degrade
  •  Termite and decay resistant
  •  Strong and stable hardwood
  •  Naturally oily wood
  •  Stain, oil or paint
  •  Featured Design options available
  • Holds up well in bad weather and can withstand high winds
  • Resistant to salt damage, making it ideal for coastal areas
  • Nontoxic and safe for the environment
  • Easy to clean and maintain

How to install Merbau fencing?

Building a Merbau Fence Panel is a popular choice for homeowners in Melbourne due to its durability and natural beauty. Merbau fences are sturdy and longlasting and can be stained or painted to match your home’s decor. Here are the steps to build your own Merbau fence:

1. Decide on the location of your fence and mark the boundaries. Dig the post holes at each corner and intervals along the fence line. The holes should be about 60 cm deep and 30 cm wide.

2. Pour some concrete into each hole and insert a post. Allow the concrete to set before moving on to the next step.

3. Cut your Merbau planks to size, allowing overlap at the joins. Fix them to the posts with galvanised screws. Leave a small gap between each plank to allow air circulation and drainage.

4. Seal the end grain of the Merbau planks with a sealant or wood preservative to protect them from moisture and decay.

5. Trick any excess fencing material away from the posts and enjoy your new Merbau fence!

Maintenance tips for Merbau fences

Here are some tips on how to maintain your Merbau fence:

 Keep all areas around the fence clear of debris and overhanging branches, which can damage the fence over time

 Regularly check for loose or missing screws and repaint or restain as required

 If the fence is in a hightraffic area, a regular cleaning with a mild detergent may be necessary

 Avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents near the fence as these can damage the wood

These tips will help ensure your Merbau fence remains in good condition for many years.


Merbau fencing is an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to add extra security and privacy to their property. It’s also an excellent way to improve the look of your home and landscape. With so many design options available, there’s sure to be a Merbau fence that’s perfect for you. There are also options for fence extensions Melbourne if you need extra height or privacy.

If you’re considering Merbau fencing for your home, be sure to contact the experts in Melbourne.

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