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All You Need to Know About Fibre

Experiencing lightning-fast internet does not have to be something that’s so far-fetched as flying cars. Vuma uses the latest technology in fibre, the fibre optic internet connection. It is more reliable and 20 times faster than a normal copper cables. You can rest assured that it can keep up with your ever-changing internet needs. This is fibre at its highest quality. Remember, the better fibre quality, the better internet experience.

A Brief Overview

Traditional copper cables are rapidly becoming outdated. For several reasons, their speed can’t maintain internet hungry homes, the increasing rate of copper theft in South Africa is making it impossible to keep homes or businesses connected. We’ve realised that staying connected is not a “nice to have” it’s a “must have”. Fortunately for us, the advancement of technology has allowed us to meet this need beyond what traditional copper cables can. Vuma uses fibre optic cables that keep your signal strength strong by operating at a high-frequency rate at a greater distance. This creates a greater bandwidth that results to an even faster internet connection. But speed is not our only draw card, reliability is just as equally important.

How Does a Fibre Optic Connection Work?

There are several pieces that make up the advanced technology, but the optical fibre is the key component. These fibres transmit information and are slightly larger than a thread of human hair. They allow information to travel in a form of light. A laser flashes information from one end of a glass filament to another in a Morse Code-type signal. At this point your information literally travels at the speed of light. The fibre threads are then bundled up together to form cables which transmit this information over long distances at great speeds.

Unique Benefits

Here are several unique benefits that Vuma fibre provides.
• It is durable, requires less maintenance
• It supports high bandwidth levels
• It is inherently secure
• It is intrinsically safe
• It is capable of withstanding temperature and water fluctuation.
• Fibre optic cables are immune to electromagnetic interference.

Ideal For Internet Heavy Homes And Businesses

Vuma fibre is ideal for users that have an internet heavy lifestyle, or business.
With Vuma you can:
• Upload and download files quickly
• Connect multiple devices at once without losing internet speed or quality.
• Back up your computer hard drive to the cloud within minutes.
• Stream videos in HD, enjoy online gaming, video calls with friends and family with a clear, smooth connection

Get A Fibre Deal Today

Vuma Fibre is considered a reliable source of internet connection offering high-speed connectivity to the users even during peak hours. Switch to a fibre connection that can keep up with your internet needs. Switch to Vuma and enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection.

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