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SAFeⓇ Advanced Scrum Master Training (SASM) – Going Into the Details

Scrum Masters are leaders who use Agile project management to lead a project and guide his team members. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFeⓇ) is specifically designed for those Scrum Masters who want to expand their leadership skills through the SASM course. This course will help Scrum Masters facilitate Agile team meetings, program planning and its execution, as well as building a community of practice. Scrum Masters who complete this course will be equipped to interact with cross-team members and support program execution and continual improvement. The Scrum framework is enhanced by the course.

Let’s Dig Into It :

● Advancing Scrum Master Servant Leadership

Practicing scrum mastership within an organization that practices SAFeⓇ enables one to coach Agile teams to deliver business value. Taking the SAFeⓇ Advanced Scrum Master course will allow an individual to build on that strong foundation and conduct themselves as an effective facilitator for Agile Release Trains, Agile Teams and the organization. Find out how to work effectively with distributed teams in remote environments.

● What Are The Prerequisites For This Course?

The SASM course does not require any prior experience. SAFeⓇ Scrum Master (SSM) is a certification exam that can be very helpful for those who plan to take it. The skills required include knowledge of Agile concept and principles, Scrum awareness, Kanban understanding, and eXtreme Programming (XP) awareness, as well as working knowledge of hardware and software development processes.

● Eligibility

The SASM training course is perfect for Scrum Masters, team leaders, developers, engineers and product owners who are both new or experienced with Scrum. Access the web-based, closed-book exam using one’s credentials. The two-hour exam will have 60 MCQs and Multi-select choices. To pass the SAFeⓇ 4 Scrum Master exam, one needs to get 42 correct out of 60 questions, and to pass the SAFeⓇ 5 Scrum Master exam, one must get 44 correct out of 60 questions.

● Benefits

SAFeⓇ Scrum Masters (SSMs) can earn up to $120,000 annually. Fortune 500 companies continue to hire Certified Scrum Masters as the demand for SSM professionals increases. SAFeⓇ provides a roadmap and best practices for adopting agility at the enterprise level, and SAFeⓇ certification covers all aspects of large-scale agility, including architecture, integration, financing, governance and roles increase.

● Difference between SAFeⓇ Scrum Master and SAFeⓇ Advanced Scrum Master?

Rather than covering all topics relevant to SAFeⓇ Scrum Masters, SAFeⓇ Advanced Scrum Master covers topics unique to SAFeⓇ Scrum Masters. Introducing the seven core competencies of business agility, linking the  role of Scrum Master with the principles of SAFeⓇ. This course focuses on the differences between Scrum and SAFeⓇ terminology and delves into the  leadership, facilitation, and coaching roles of Scrum Master employees. Unlike traditional Scrum Master classes, this course explores the role of  Scrum Masters in pioneering SAFeⓇ event PI planning through in-depth simulations.

The SASM course also provides effective tools for more efficient team building and provides a practical way to deal with agile and scrum antipatterns within one’s organization. The goal of this training is to help one build a high-performance team and become a Certified SAFeⓇ Advanced Scrum Master who can use Kanban and engineering techniques to improve the flow of value.

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