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A Newbie’s Guide to the 5 Basic Menu Items at Raising Cane’s

When you check out the menu of a lot of restaurants, you might find a wide range of items that might take you a long while to sample completely. This is true even for many fast-food joints.

But that’s not true when it comes to Raising Cane’s. Ranking the menu items at Raising Cane’s, by listing the best and the worst of the options, won’t really make any sense. That’s because when you take out the drinks (various versions of Coca-Cola, sweet or unsweet tea, and lemonade), and the sauces (either the classic Cane’s sauce or some honey mustard), you’re not left with much.

Actually, you’re just left with 5 food items to consider (see full menu). The rest of the menu items consist of various combo deals, mixing and matching these food items with the sauces and drinks. That’s extremely few, and it might be annoying for some people who want a wider range of food options.

But there’s an upside to this sort of madness. Having just a few menu items to focus on means that the folks at Raising Cane’s can truly concentrate on making the very best of these items. They have more opportunities to perfect the process of making each one.

So, let’s check out these items and find out how good they really are.

Chicken Fingers

A lot of people have said that if Raising Cane’s simply sold 1 single item and it was their chicken fingers, the Raising Cane’s brand would still be a success. And the current state of affairs isn’t too far off from that scenario. Basically, the menu offers the chicken fingers as the focal point, and all the other items are either a variation of this or an enhancement or side dish.

The crux of the matter is that this isn’t your average chicken fingers. It’s widely regarded as the very best chicken fingers among all chicken fingers and tenders in the entire fast-food industry. They only use 100% tenderloins for their chicken meat.

What’s more, the folks here don’t overbread the chicken meat. You have just enough breading to offer a nice crunch on the outside, without overpowering the taste of the inside. The batter works just as an enhancement for the flavor of the meat inside.

That inside meat is utterly delicious, and it’s not even a complicated process to make it so. There are no 11 different herbs and spices here, unlike KFC. Instead, they use a little bit of salt and pepper. That’s it. they don’t even use a lot of salt, which is almost a miracle in fast-food.

That little bit of salt and pepper also enhances the meat. The seasoning and breading are made to order, so there’s no advanced seasoning and breading.

Then they just use premium-quality Canola Oil for frying the chicken. The meat does all the work when it comes to flavoring. It’s always dripping with juices, and those juices are thankfully not grease, either. It’s always fresh, as they only cool to order. They don’t even have heat lamps here.

Chicken Sandwich

This is basically the chicken fingers, but with just a different presentation. And it’s not anything complicated or fussily fancy, either. There’s also no sophisticated R&D that came up with some sort of advanced chicken patty.

You just have 3 of those magnificent chicken fingers, inside a kaiser roll. You can request to have that replaced with the Texas Toast, but the Kaiser roll works nicely nonetheless. Unlike the Texas Toast (which is actually grilled), they toast the Kaiser roll.

Then you have quite a bit of the Cane’s sauce, and set between the hot chicken fingers and the hot bread, the sauce sticks to the chicken like a glaze.

There’s a bit of lettuce here, and that’s it. You don’t even have the pickles. And that means you have almost the pure taste of the chicken fingers, but with the bread and lettuce.

Texas Toast

When you’re ordering the chicken fingers, the Texas Toast is the bread you get. Sure, it’s not as if you’re getting a lot of other different bread options, but it’s still a great choice, so to speak.

Here, they use sesame-seeded pull-apart bread, which makes for a fresher option than pre-sliced bread. They brush the bread with just the right amount of garlic-and-butter blend, and then they toast the bread so you get that toasty, buttery goodness.


For your side dish, you can either go with the coleslaw or the fries. The coleslaw might be the “better” pick, though it really depends on what you actually like.

The thing with the coleslaw at Raising Cane’s is that it seems almost the same as what you get at KFC. It’s smooth and crispy, with that nice blend of sweet and sour, with just a bit more pepper.

Crinkle-Cut Fries

Sure, they’re not bad, but they’re not really special. It’s a bit on the salty side, and that’s it. Just get them when you’re used to having fries with your chicken. The averageness of these fries just emphasizes the awesome deliciousness of the chicken fingers!

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