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A handy guide to picking the correct t-shirt design

Selecting the shirt and ink colour is the fun part of t-shirt manufacturing. However, it may be tricky if you do not have information regarding the techniques that go into t-shirt printing. Sometimes, a few t-shirt ink colours and combinations may look vibrant but, in real life, come out dull. It’s because the lighting in the laboratory is optimal, and the computer screen has filters to make the colour appear vibrant. While the filter makes regular computer use visually exciting, it alters the colour you see in the laboratory.

 It’s here that you need to help your team become aware of the issue and help you with the detailed information you require to make printing your t-shirts vibrant and eye-catching. In this world of high competition, you must understand what works and what does not. When you contact other manufacturers in the market, you will know that multiple requirements are popping up now and then. Hence, you require a quick guideline to select the best colour combination for your t-shirt printing.

Be cautious when using pastel colours

When working with a lighter shirt, you must be cautious of the pastel colour. Colours like baby blue, yellow, and pink are visible on the t-shirt but may not be attractive from a distance. When you add an outline of a dark colour to the light colour design, it may highlight the logo and make it look legible.

Dark colour shirt with light colour ink

When working with dark colour t-shirts, it’s a great idea to use light colour ink. However, you must be careful when using darker shades like maroon, forest, or dark green. These shades may look vibrant in the laboratory, but when you get them in the printed form, the colour of the shirt will feel distorted. It will make them look dull or brown than intended. Hence, you must be cautious when working with dark colour shirts and combining those with light colour ink. You may work with expert Tshirt printers who will guide you in selecting the right colours. 

T-shirts for different purposes

When initiating a t-shirt printing business, you must think of the event. For example, there are t-shirts for conferences, and there are t-shirts for casual occasions. You also have a t-shirt for the formal event and a t-shirt for the casual party. You must be cautious of these events and then design the apparel appropriately. One viable example is when you create a t-shirt for an average household and would like to keep the overall text at a minimum. However, the same is not the scenario when developing a t-shirt for an event. It will come with attractive logos and a vibrant design. Remember that you are investing your money in your venture; thus, you cannot make any mistakes.

T-shirts for fitness

T-shirts for fitness and sports are another vital niche. These days’ people are very passionate about creating t-shirts for sports events. Since people have become fitness freaks, fitness t-shirts are always in high demand. If you are thinking of catering to the younger generation, you must create t-shirts that are vibrant, classy, modern and attractive. 

Take advantage of the new equipment and create imaginary and creative illustrations that make the apparel stand out in the crowd.

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