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A Guide to Variable Wattage/Voltage E-Cig Devices

Vaping devices have been getting a lot better in recent years. In the past, most of the devices came with a fixed wattage, and that was something that many vapers didn’t like. The reason? They wanted to vape on fewer watts or higher watts but not on one fixed watts. So, the vape companies took this matter very seriously and started to work on devices that would come with variable wattage/voltage.

If you are an enthusiast and want to gain more knowledge about variable wattage/voltage devices, then stay on this blog. You will get to know more things related to this here. Keep reading!

VV (Variable Voltage):

Devices with variable voltage allow the user to select a specific voltage at which the device’s battery operates, no matter how much power the battery has. This offers a consistent power input, as well as more control over the temperature. Users can enjoy an enhanced flavor with better cloud production.

VW (Variable Wattage):

Vape devices that come with variable wattage allow the users to adjust their device’s wattage in order to achieve the ideal balance of flavor and cloud production. This useful feature will let the user control the wattage on the device that increases or decreases the electrical current that flows through the device’s coil.

If you are a vaper who puts simplicity over anything, then you will be satisfied with the wattage settings as compared to the voltage settings.

Difference b/w Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage:

Whenever a vaper is using a variable voltage, it can manually adjust the power from the battery that is inside your device. The resistance level of the device will determine the actual output of energy. You will gain some controls but not on everything inside your device.

As we know, variable wattage will let the device produce the wattage that it needs. To achieve the desired output for wattage, the variable wattage feature will automatically adjust the voltage (power) that will flow through the device.

The voltage will increase whenever you increase the wattage. On the other hand, you have to increase the wattage to increase the voltage.

Using Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage:

If you are thinking of how to control the variable voltage and variable wattage in vapes, then follow the steps below:

For Variable Voltage:

  • You need to install an e-liquid delivery device on your battery; take an atomizer as an example.
  • After installing, you need to determine the e-liquid delivery device’s resistance level.
  • Pick the variable voltage control option and adjust it until you get the flavor and throat hit that you are looking for.

For Variable Wattage:

If you have questions like What wattage should I vape at? then you need to read this. Check it below:

  • Attach an e-juice delivery device to the battery just like you will do in the variable voltage.
  • Pick the option of variable wattage.
  • Now, adjust the device’s wattage as per your requirements.
  • The vape device will pick up the voltage automatically. You can change the wattage level up or down until you start to enjoy the power your vape offers.

Final Thoughts:

We are pretty sure that this guide helped you understand the variable wattage and variable voltage that you see on vaping devices. We hope that you have gained knowledge from this blog, and this will help you in your vaping sessions. If you want to enjoy vaping and are thinking of taking your vaping experience to a whole new level, then you can grab the best vape pens in Pakistan from Vapes Direct, which will let you have more fun with flavor and cloud production.

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