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A Guide to the Different Types of Vibration Monitoring Equipment

Year after year, tons of sensitive industrial equipment deteriorates due to undetected damage. To prevent this, all companies that own industrial machines should invest in a vibration monitoring system.

This type of system uses vibration monitoring equipment to detect early damage. However, there are several types of monitoring systems. Choosing the right one will depend on your needs.

To help you make the right choice, this guide will cover the different types of vibration monitoring systems. Read on!

Handheld Vibration Meter Tools

A handheld vibration meter tool is a small handheld device that features an accelerometer. It is capable of measuring the vibration in an object and detects its:

  • frequency
  • amplitude
  • phase
  • velocity

The handheld vibration meter tool can be used to:

  • pinpoint troublesome areas
  • detect the cause of machine deficiencies
  • determine the level of maintenance

This device is often used to diagnose problems related to unbalance, looseness, misalignment, bearing condition, and gear defects.

Portable Vibration Tester Tools

Portable vibration tester tools are ideal for non-destructive testing. It’s also best for field maintenance and diagnosis. Some of the most common types of portable vibration tester tools are:

  • accelerometers
  • vibration meters
  • stroke meters

Accelerometers measure the average acceleration of a machine or part over a fixed period of time. Vibration meters measure frequency levels. Stroke meters measure the linear displacement of a machine or part.

Understanding the features and applications of each type of portable vibration monitoring equipment is essential in making sure the purchase will meet the needs of the user.

Wireless Vibration Analysis Sensor

Wireless vibration analysis sensors represent some of the most advanced vibration monitoring equipment available. This type of equipment can be used to monitor and evaluate machine vibration with no physical cords or wires. Wireless vibration analysis sensors can be programmed with multiple settings. It is capable of analyzing:

  • frequency
  • speed
  • force
  • temperature

The vibration sensors provide accurate and timely data to help engineers identify and diagnose problems related to:

  • machine wear
  • misalignment
  • imbalance

This high-end equipment is most commonly found in industrial settings. This is because it is capable of simultaneously monitoring several machines and machinery components.

Handheld Vibration Analyzer Tools

Handheld vibration analyzer tools give users the ability to move around a machine easily while checking for potential problems. It eliminates the need for bulky vibration monitoring equipment. With these portable instruments, users can quickly measure vibration parameters such as amplitude and frequency.

This helps to detect different types of problems before they become major issues. These portable devices also take up minimal space. Thus, reduces the need for extra equipment and allows users to take the device where it is needed most.

Furthermore, handheld vibration analyzer tools can be used on various types of machines from hydraulic cranes and pumps to gearboxes and motors. This makes them a great asset for any company looking for an efficient and easy way to monitor vibration levels.

Explore Different Types of Vibration Monitoring Equipment

Vibration monitoring equipment is essential for the efficient and effective operation of machinery. It plays an important role in detecting issues before they become catastrophic. The types of machinery and level of equipment required will vary from application to application.

The best solution is to consult a specialist. This helps to ensure the right product is chosen for the job. Take the time now and see how this equipment can secure your machine!

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