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A Guide To Complete Corporate Health At Any Age

In today’s corporative ethos, both employees and businessmen are trying to create a balance between their personal and professional affairs. 

The crucial part of living a healthy lifestyle is to manage your manual and non-manual affairs. In the busy lives of working people, they have to compromise their health to work. They even take pills and multivitamins to stay active and stick to their routine.

But compromising on health is a huge risk, which is why employers are now reaching out with employee health benefits which include providing corporate health insurance to help the employees balance their health and productivity at the same time.

These health-related services are offered in a corporate context, therefore these health programs are also called corporate health insurance. 

Let’s take a look at the following guide to complete corporate health insurance and what kind of services this plan includes. 

What is Corporate Health Insurance?

Corporate health insurance is the policy of companies and businesses to provide health-related services to their employees.

It is a program in which the company or employer hold up a complete corporate health insurance plan that benefits them and the institute’s employees. 

This corporate program includes services i.e., hospitalization, emergency services, prescription drugs, maternity and newborn care etc. 

The corporate medical programs from Sayyal Health Services ensure that the employees of one’s company are healthy and productive enough to stay engaged with their work. He helps the employees manage their health and professional work in a better way and guide them to live a healthy lifestyle. 

These plans are not only for the employees but for their families. The treatment, hospital and drug expenses and insured in the health insurance policies. 

Health Corporate Services

The most common health insurance plans covered by the companies or employers are given below. 

  1. The employees that have facilities of health insurance policies, can add additional family to their insurance plans. This will help them with extra protection. 
  2. Employees with pre-existing diseases are insured by their health insurance policies from day one of work. Even the coverage for chronic diseases and risk-factored diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc. is assured. 
  3. Some companies also offer full-scale maternity health insurance services to their female employees as well as to any other family member and even to the spouses of their male workers. This plan is also included in the policy about childbirth expenses.
  4. In the case of an accident or sudden injuries in which surgery is required, the employee must have to be hospitalized. The insurance services also cover these situations at network hospitals. 
  5. Before surgeries, there are various test requirements, for example, CBC, kidney, liver, and blood sugar approval. The corporate health insurance provided by your company takes care of such tests. After that, the medications and drug requirements are also covered by health insurance. 
  6. Instead of that old 24-hour hospitalization rule, people prefer daycares as this process is much easier and more comfortable. That’s the reason why daycare services are also being offered to employee or their family.
  7. The emergency ambulance charges are also taken care of by health insurance. 
  8. The domiciliary expenses include the treatment of their employee or his family, and at home will be covered by corporate health insurance. 

So we can conclude that almost health-related expenses are covered by the health insurance programs held by employers or companies. You can contact Sayyal health services for its incredible medical services and effective health insurance plans for the companies. 

Dr Sayyal with his professional medical skills makes sure of the productivity and activeness of employees. He guides the employees in managing their health and professional affairs and assists them to live a healthy lifestyle. 


Well-balanced health is extremely important, especially for people with a busy schedule. That is why certain companies provide corporate health insurance programs that deal with health expenses and also take care of the productivity and activeness of the employee. 

Corporate health includes high-quality and cost-effective solutions to your medical problems that will not only be advantageous for you but also for your employees and their dependents.

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