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A guide to car rental services in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai is one of the world’s most attractive and significant cities. In addition to being a popular destination for vacations and tours, Dubai is also a major shopping and business center in the Middle East. In the UAE, there are a plethora of breathtaking destinations. If you want to visit as many destinations as possible without any hassles and enjoy a carefree lifestyle, automobile rental is the perfect solution for you. Vehicle rentals in UAE offer opulent and reasonably-priced automobiles for trips and vacations. In this article, we are sharing a complete detailed guide that a traveler must be known while renting a car in UAE.

Criteria to choose car rental services in the UAE

1. Which automobile should you choose?

Upon arrival at the airport, a traveler can reserve a rental automobile. Automobiles in excellent condition and suited to the customer’s requirements are provided by the companies. Daily, monthly, or hourly car rental packages at reasonable rates are readily available. Below is a list of fantastic and spectacular automobiles offered by car rental businesses that will make your travels unforgettable in the UAE.

  • Nissan Sunny 2022– This is the most popular and affordable rental car in Dubai, and it offers an incredible driving experience. It has a five-seat capacity and is fully air-conditioned.
  • Kia Seltos 2021-This automobile is likewise of high quality due to its adaptability for a comfortable ride. This vehicle has air conditioning for five passengers.
  • Kia Rio 2021- This is one of the most affordable rental cars that provide a thrilling driving experience. The vehicle has 5 seats.
  • Hyundai Accent 2020-This large 5-seater automobile provides a world-class sensation and a satisfying experience; it has a luxurious feel.
  • Chevrolet Sparke 2020- This automobile is incredibly spacious, has 4 seats, and is air-conditioned for a very reasonable price.

2. Recognize the documentation and its authenticity

If you are a visitor to the UAE, you must carry a valid driver’s license from your home country, whereas UAE residents must have a license that is at least one year old.

3. Driving age requirements in the United Arab Emirates

Depending on the type of vehicle, the minimum age for a driver is either 21 or 25.

Before beginning the journey, the age requirements should be verified.

4. Add-ons to enhance the comfort of your drive.

To make your automobile rental experience convenient and hassle-free, car rental companies provide a choice of add-ons. Choose from navigation systems, car seats, and additional drivers to create the ideal road trip.

5. Carry your Credit Card.

In the UAE, car rentals necessitate credit cards. In addition, you must undergo a credit card company approval process before you can begin your rental agreement. In addition, carefully study your contract so that any release of security deposit or pre-authorization can be executed correctly.

6. No Smoking

In the event of a violation, penalties will be assessed for smoking in rental vehicles.

7. Vehicle Inspection is Mandatory.

Before signing off on their rental agreement/paperwork, users must examine the inspection form in detail, either physically or digitally.

8. Return your vehicle on time. To avoid any additional fees imposed by the rental business, you must return the vehicle on time; If you foresee changing your drop-off time in advance, you should inquire about the company’s policy with the rental representative.


Before selecting to rent a car in the United Arab Emirates, it is prudent to be well-prepared and undertake research. If you’re planning a weekend excursion, shopping trip, or late-night party, you can hire Best Safe Driver. They can return you to your residence or drop you off at your specified location at the time you specify.

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