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A for Apple Book to Engage your Child to Learn to Read

A for Apple Book to Encourage your Child to Read and Learn the Letters for a Great Learning Routine:

Learning books are the greatest but considers the old-fashioned way to encourage children to read and learn the alphabet in their lifelong stages. With the existence of technology and apps, parents and children have the accessibility to read and allow them to learn letters without any hassle.

Holiday Educationist has made it easier by hosting an A for Apple Book that allows children and kids at the lower levels to learn the alphabet and recognize each letter and word by heart. With advanced functions, toddlers and children learn the ABCs without relying on using books. 

Children love to read books with pictures but encouraging them to learn through books is a tough task. To encourage children to learn to read books is with the use of the ABC flashcards app. The app comprises the undistracted content that makes learning the letters possible for better engagement. This greater engagement allows teachers and children to learn apps for convenient learning in the digital era of education. 

The A for Apple book app is more than just typical tap-on books your child does not need to tap on the image to recognize the letter or word. This app helps your child or toddler to access and memorize the letters in a digital flashcard that saves time on learning through hard copy books. A straightaway user interface and colorful content ensure a fun and enjoyable learning where your child will not get bored of using this app! 

A for Apple Book
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Which Age Group and Class will benefit from Using this App? 

A for Apple Book app has been designed for toddlers and children alike and the app is perfect for the ages of 1 to 6 years. With advanced functions and easy-to-use accessibility makes great use to utilize the app and learn the alphabet on the go. The app works great for all kindergarten, elementary, and low primary grades. Once you install this app, you can train your kids to learn it on the go! 

The young age group of this app implies in all kindergarten schools and lower primary levels where the app provides easy-to-use instructions for the teacher or parent to use on the go. You can train your child to build strong cognitive abilities and a healthy mental level to memorize the essential learning of the ABC! This benefits from effective digital learning and helps kids to adapt to the digital era in the field of education in the future ahead.

Features Provided in A for Apple Book: 

The Holiday Educationist always provide the latest features that give your child a hassle-free learning routine and undistracted user interface. The ABC flashcards app avails in six different languages where you can train your child to learn the alphabet in different languages rather than just learning the letters in English. This makes a great benefit for those kids whose English is not their first language. To learn your child’s mother tongue, this app is right for you! 

We promise to deliver the best education for children in the digital era by comprising zero distractions of any user interface controls. Your child will not have to face irritating pop-ups, unnecessary notifications or bright screen backgrounds while using! This app has made it engaging and accessible that has images and illustrations for each letter and word. So your child to recognize the alphabet on the go. The best part about this app is that you have the option to view each image in illustrations or real-life pictures. Your child will love the pictures of each letter or word displayed! 

A for Apple Book
Little girl attending to online school class on laptop computer

For the ease of learning letters, the app provides carefully selected colours and four selected fonts to memorize the alphabet easily. With high-definition content for retina display saves your child from eye fatigue and ensures a better viewing experience. Your child will enjoy and explore the use of learning the alphabet with convenience! 

The soft background music option helps children to build a greater audio engagement in memorizing letters and words through music. 

Other Main Features: 

● Sound effects 

● Audio cues 

● Turn off label quiz mode 

● Soft background music option 

● Swipe left/right gesture to navigate between letters 

● Four selected fonts for memorizing alphabet shapes 

● Images and illustrations provided for each letter and word 

● Avails in six different languages 

● Carefully selected colours 

● High-definition content for retina display 

Holiday Educationist have a group of highly qualified instructors and teachers to consult and proofread the content of the app to ensure optimum quality assurance. This helps to deliver a safe and convenient use for your child for a better training tool in digital education. 

The app is available on Android, iOS, Windows and Huawei App Store. Download the app now and it is free and easy to install!

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