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A day cream that you can’t miss out on in your daycare regimen

Are you puzzled between a moisturizer and a day cream? Do you also believe that applying day creams can clog your pores, increasing the oil production on your face and leading to breakouts? It is a misconception among people, especially with oily skin. Most people believe that day cream is simply a moisturizer that adds oil to your skin and is required only for dry-skin people. 

Let’s get rid of these misconceptions. First of all, a moisturizer is a need of every skin type. It hydrates your skin and restricts sebum production. Secondly, day creams are not just a moisturizer, but it aids your skin with beauty benefits along with hydrating your skin, unlike moisturizers. 

What are the most promising benefits of adding day cream to your skincare routine?

Provides hydration:

Skin needs to be hydrated like our body, and proper hydration can add an instant glow to your skin. Day creams hydrate your skin and maintain a moisture balance for a long time to avoid the possibility of excess sebum production and breakouts. If your skin is dry, then day creams become more crucial to make your skin look younger and avoid early signs of aging.

Smooth skin:

Cracks on the face are one of the primary reasons for dirt accumulation, leading to enlarging your pores and skin rashes. Regular application of the best day cream will keep your skin supple and soft. There is a wide range of day creams available in the market. You can choose the best day cream for your face based on your skin type and concern. If you are having oily skin, then you can opt for a gel-based or water-based day cream. It will only keep your skin hydrated without adding oil content to your face.

Aging signs:

You can’t reverse the sign of aging, but regular massage with the appropriate best anti-aging day cream can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It may take a little longer to show the results. A point to consider is that you can’t get rid of aging signs, just can elongate its appearance. 

Skin repair:

Skin generation is a continuous process that mostly happens during the night, and the uppermost layer of skin keeps shedding, allowing new skin cells to come on the upper surface. You must follow a complete skin care regimen to enhance your skin health and texture, such as scrubbing, toning, etc. These activities will help your skin to get rid of the impurities and dead cells. Applying day cream to the face is the last step in your skincare routine. It helps your skin to repair at a faster pace. 

Blood circulation:

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and just like other body parts, skin also requires proper blood circulation for cell rejuvenation and staying young. 

No-makeup look:

All day wearing heavy makeup may make your skin tired. You can also use day cream for glowing skin that offers beauty benefits without making your skin feel heavy. It is light in texture but can add a perfect radiance to your skin.

Fights skin damage:

Your skin undergoes daily damage due to harmful sun rays, pollution, heavy makeup, dirt, sweat, and more. These impurities enter your skin and clog the pores. Most of us use harsh facewash to remove dirt from the face and end up drying out the face completely. Applying a day cream can return moisture to your skin, adding a glow to it. 


Dryness of the skin can be caused due to several reasons, such as pollution, the use of products containing harsh chemicals, alcohol intake, medications, and more. It can be cured by drinking lots of water and applying the right product to your face. Choose the best day cream for dry skin that adds moisture to your skin and locks it for a long duration. 

Guide to choosing the best day cream that fits your skin requirements:

Sun protection: Either you are going under the sun for a few minutes or being exposed for the entire day, sun protection is a must-have element in your skincare regimen. The top dermatologist suggests choosing a day cream with SPF 30 or more.

Recommended products:

  1. Plum Bright Years Age Specialist All Day Defence Cream SPF45
  2. Olay Luminous Brightening Intensive Lotion SPF 24 
  3. Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance UV Lotion SPF50 PA+++

Anti-oxidants: To give a healthy and fresh look to your skin, you must choose a day cream with the goodness of antioxidants, such as green tea, pomegranate, or chamomile. Antioxidants will neutralize free radicals and give a fresh look to your skin.

Recommended products:

  1. Lakme 9 To 5 Vitamin C+ Day Cream 
  2. Aureana Purite Oil Control Day Cream 

Oily skin: Just like dry skin, oily skin also needs proper hydration. Washing out oil from the skin will make your skin dry, allowing the skin to produce more sebum, resulting in acne. Maintaining the hydration level of your skin will restrict sebum production and hence lessen the breakouts. When choosing day face cream for oily skin you must consider non-comedogenic products. It will not clog your pores and reduce acne and breakouts.

Recommended product”

  1. Dermafique Hydra Tonique Gel Fluid 
  2. Olay Luminous Light Perfecting Cream SPF15 PA++

Dry skin: While choosing a day cream for dry skin, you must emphasize buying products with a heavier moisturizer. The best daily use cream for dry skin contains ingredients like dimethicone and hyaluronic acid, which offer a high moisture content and lock it for a long time. 

Recommended products:

  1. POND’S Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Day Cream SPF18 PA++
  2. L’Oreal Paris Aura Perfect Day Cream SPF17PA++
  3. L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfections & Whitening Day Cream For 20 Plus 

Sensitive skin: Choosing an appropriate day cream is mandatory for people with sensitive skin. A product with the right ingredients can protect their skin from major day damages and help maintain their skin health. When choosing a day cream for sensitive skin you must consider a hypoallergic and fragrance-free product. Avoid products containing too many chemicals and restrict the ingredients in your product to 10 or fewer.

Recommended products:

  1. Avene Bright Intense Brightening Essence


Every skin is different, and it reacts differently to distinct conditions. Some people, unfortunately, struggle with certain skin issues, which can be dealt with by using an appropriate day cream. Day creams are an important product to keep in your vanity. It offers countless beauty benefits along with keeping your skin hydrated. Your skin type and skin condition may be different, but there is a solution for every skin. Health and Glow bring a wide range of day creams for every individual to care for their skin.

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