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A Complete Process To Help You With Will Registration In Dubai

Want to get your will registration in Dubai completed before time, then you must be aware of the process to make it easier. Here is all you must know.

A will is considered a legal document with information about the division of your money and assets after you pass. The document gives a legal intimation about what share of property or business will go to whose part. This is the best thing that you can do if you have several kids and do not want them to fight for your left-behind property and money after your demise. Don’t forget to select a knowledgeable will registration in Dubai lawyer to help you with will registration so that you may adequately draft and register your will.

Understanding The Jurisdiction For Will Creation In UAE

Islamic Sharia law has an impact on the legal structure of the United Arab Emirates on inheritance and wills, especially for Muslims. There are several ways for non-Muslims to register wills within regional or global frameworks:

Muslims: Sharia law essentially controls how assets are distributed.

Non-Muslims: Can register wills through local courts in other emirates or under specialised frameworks such as the DIFC Wills Service Centre in Dubai.

Speak With A Legal Expert

It’s best to get help from a lawyer with experience in UAE estate planning, as drafting a will may be complicated. The attorney will ensure you appropriately express your preferences and comply with all legal requirements.

Provide Important Information

Specify beneficiaries, name an executor, and specify how assets will be allocated. To guarantee a seamless implementation and prevent disagreements, specificity is essential.

Process For Registration To Be Followed By DIFC

Keep the following in mind while registering a will with the DIFC Wills Services Center:

  • You ought to be mentally well.
  • You should either live in the United Arab Emirates or own property there.
  • If the testator leaves the UAE with young children, they must add guardianship clauses in their will.
  • A knowledgeable lawyer might help you draft and submit a DIFC Will Registration application if you meet these basic requirements.

Process To Be Followed Under Family Court

After the Abu Dhabi Civil Family Office law was passed, foreigners can now register civil wills in Abu Dhabi to divide their assets in any way they see appropriate (freedom of testation). A civil will must be “registered” with the court to be accepted as legally valid.

  • Not a citizen of the United Arab Emirates.
  • You must be above the age group of 21 years; the following condition is that you must be mentally sound.
  • Also, you must be living in the UAE, or the following condition is that you must have a property over there.

Maintaining and Examining the Will

After registering, please keep copies of the will in a safe place and let your executor or close relatives know where it is. Review and revise the will regularly to reflect any modifications to your assets, family situation, or preferences.


Will registration in Dubai necessitates meticulous preparation and respect for legal requirements, mainly because various emirates have distinct regulations about Muslims and non-Muslims. You and your loved ones can have peace of mind knowing that your estate is administered following your preferences by working with legal professionals, creating a detailed will, and according to the necessary registration requirements. All the pathways provide an organised method for safeguarding your legacy, whether you want to use the local courts, ADJD, or the DIFC Wills Service Centre.

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