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8 Key Strategies to Take a Moving Company to the Next Level

How does a moving company become the name people trust for their big moves? It’s all about reputation. Customers need to know that a moving company provides the best value while also offering competency and great service. Here are eight key strategies to take a moving company to the next level.

1. Implement Exceptional Technology

In the moving industry, technology helps to create a flawless experience for the customer during what could be a stressful move that involves endless details. Utilizing the latest software and technology empowers a moving company’s employees to provide the best service. That’s why it’s important for moving companies to utilize technology that flawlessly supports bookings, payments, fleet management, and customer service.

2. Understand the Customer’s Stress Point

Moving isn’t always a picnic. Anticipating a customer’s stressors is an important way to build trust. Niche services can address specific stressors for people who are moving with children, relocating for jobs, getting all of their belongings to a college campus, or traveling across the country for a major life change. You can also offer specialty moving packages that appeal to customers looking for specific services for moving art and valuables, antiques, pianos, exercise equipment, arcade equipment, and more.

3. Outdo the Competitors

Knowing your business plan starts with knowing the competitor’s business plan. Outdoing the competition isn’t about copying the competition. It’s about outshining the competition when it comes to visibility and value. Generally, this means providing better, more convenient services for less. In situations where a competitor’s pricing can’t be beaten, a moving company can still beat the competition by proving why paying more is worth it. For example, providing a guarantee can make a more expensive moving company more attractive compared to a budget company that doesn’t back its work.

4. Hire the Best

Getting access to the best talent enables a moving company to live up to its promises. In addition to conducting a rigorous hiring process for applicants, a moving company also needs a plan for giving employees what they need to succeed. In the moving world, this can include fair compensation, clear guidelines for expectations, and ongoing training.

5. Create Important Partnerships

One terrific strategy for organic growth is to reach out to apartment complexes, senior facilities, or corporations that employ a large number of people locally. Moving companies can offer these establishments deals for discounts or commissions when they facilitate referrals. Having a preferred mover on file is simply convenient for businesses and establishments that deal with frequent relocations.

6. Never Leave Customers Waiting

Modern movers need to have 24-hour customer service available either online or over the phone! Most people who are in a busy season of life that involves a big move are planning during lunch breaks, late at night, or on the weekends. Being available whenever your customers have the time to begin browsing and booking is essential for capturing leads!

7. Prioritize Brand Recognition

With so many details going into a move, customers are often eager to go with the first name they can think of when it’s time to get the ball rolling. Brand recognition is the most important asset a moving company has when it comes to being the first company contacted for an estimate. This is why so many entrepreneurial-minded people actually choose to sign on with a well-known moving company instead of trying to start 100% from scratch.

8. Share Your Credentials

As customers look around for moving options, they’re sure to run into “amateur” moving companies offering low-cost services. The difference between your company and those other companies is that they don’t have the proper licensing and insurance to keep customers protected. Utilize your licensing, insurance, and other professional credentials to set your moving company apart!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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