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7 Unbelievable Benefits Of a Smoke Mystery Box For Your Business

Mystery boxes have been dominating the market lately. This is because customers find some exciting stuff in these boxes. Another reason is that most people want to test their luck with mystery boxes and see what they get.

With such hype for mystery boxes, the tobacco and hemp industry isn’t left behind. CBD businesses also add their touch of mystery in their hemp boxes with excellent smoke mystery boxes. They make great gift items which is why more and more people purchase them. There are some excellent benefits of using smoke mystery boxes for your business. We will discuss them here so you can have a better idea.

Benefits of a Smoke Mystery Box:

A mystery box packing your premium smokes holds a lot of benefits for your business. Here are 7 excellent benefits you get when using these boxes for your smoking business.

  1. Pump Curiosity Into Customer’s Mind:

Curiosity is the key to getting customers’ attention toward your product. Mystery boxes allow you to pump curiosity into the minds of the customers. This curiosity works as a catalyst in the customer’s decision to purchase your box. It can help the customer make a buying decision faster, and you can easily sell your smoke mystery boxes.

  1. Clear Out Your Stock:

Another great benefit that you can get is to clear out your stock. Have some smokes that have been collecting dust on the racks? If your cigarettes haven’t gone stale, you can pack them in a mystery box and sell them to make a profit. These mystery boxes come as a life safer for your business. You can easily get rid of your stock and make room to stack new products.

  1. Make A Profit On Product Variety:

Smoke mystery boxes help you make a profit on your stock. In addition, they allow you to pack various products inside, which is excellent for making a profit on unwanted products. If you have some smokes that haven’t been purchased in a long time, you can still profit by packing them in mystery boxes. This, along with helping you clear out your stock, makes it possible to avoid loss.

Benefits Of Smoke Mystery Boxes For Retailers:

The above benefits were explicitly for manufacturers and distributors in the tobacco industry. Now, as a retailer, you might wonder what benefits you get from purchasing these mystery boxes. So here are a few for you as well.

  1. Get A Variety Of Products:

Buying mystery boxes that contain hemp boxes and different cigarette packs inside is a great bargain. In addition, you can easily get a variety of various brands and other products altogether and don’t have to compile a list and order everything separately. This helps with managing your stock and getting a variety of products for your shop easily. 

  1. The Best Bargain:

Smoke mystery boxes are indeed a mystery. You don’t know what you will get, but you make a profit about 99% of the time. That is why mystery boxes are the best bargain you can make. In addition, manufacturers and suppliers often clear their stock when selling in bulk. This makes it easier for you to get excellent products at high discounts. Mystery boxes have various items you can sell and make a very high-profit margin. That is why mystery boxes are a perfect option for retailers. 

  1. Find Retail Ready Items:

Most of the time, the products you get in a  smoke mystery box are retail-ready. That means you don’t have to spend additional money on them. Just take them out of the box, display them, and make some sales. It is that simple. This benefit attracts the attention of most retailers, and they are moving towards mystery boxes. You should also get a mystery box and make some money on it.

  1. Reselling Is Easy:

Another fantastic benefit of smoke mystery boxes is that you can always resell them. However, it might be much more beneficial to sell the products after opening the box. If you don’t wish to do that, you can always sell it as it is without even opening it. There is always a customer when there is a product, so you can always sell your mystery boxes for a profit.


The cigarette industry is extensive and constantly growing. This chart is going up for the next many years, so there are minimum chances of loss. You can profit significantly from smoke mystery boxes if you are a cigarette manufacturer, supplier, or retailer. This industry may shift from tobacco to hemp, but smoking isn’t going to end soon. So don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Get some mystery boxes with CBD hemp boxes inside, and you won’t have anything to worry about. If you are looking for quality packaging for your products, OXO Packaging is an excellent choice. Along with the benefits we have mentioned, there are many more, so go out there and explore them yourself.

John Oliver
John Oliver
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