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7 Home Remodeling Ideas That Suit Senior Members Of Your Home

If your parents are staying with you, then you should think about a few home remodeling ideas that suit the older members of your home. Your home should be built without any complicated structures that might hurt the senior members of your family. So, you can consult with a professional general contractor in your location to get ideas that will be beneficial for your parents.

If you are planning for a home remodeling recently, then contact Victory Home Remodeling in your location to ensure that you build a functional home for the older members of your family. Our experts will suggest the right materials, fixtures, and structures keeping your requirements in mind. Moreover, you can get ideas for building functional storage units that will be easy to reach and convenient to use. So, let us discuss a few ideas that you can incorporate into your home that will be convenient and safe for the elderly people of your family.

upgrade the entrance area

If there are traditional thresholds in the entrance area of your home, then you can think about upgrading this area with a reliable home remodeling contractor. Replace this type of entrance area and build an entrance without any steps to facilitate easy walking in that area. You can create a slightly inclined entrance from the driveway so that the steps can be avoided. This will ensure the elderly people won’t fall while climbing the steps at the entrance area.

Work on the stairs

Climbing the stairs is difficult for the elderly people in your home. It can be very dangerous and cause severe injury if they slip while climbing the stairs. Also, elderly people experience fatigue most of the time. hence, they feel it difficult to climb the stairs. You can install a ramp or an elevator or a chair lift in your home so that they can easily access the area that is too difficult to reach.

Install Handrails

The senior members often face difficulty in balancing themselves while they walk around. Hence, you can install handrails on both sides of the steps (if you have any). These rails can also be beneficial in different places other than the steps. So, you can consult with your general contractor to install these handrails to ensure the safety of your loved ones

Upgrade your Bathroom

The bathroom is the most problematic area of your house as far as the safety of elderly members is concerned. You can include remodeling works like fixing grab bars and rails inside the shower. You can also raise the height of the toilet for easy handling. Place an anti-skid bathroom mat in the shower area that will help your parents a lot. A walk-in shower with a foldable seat can be a great addition to your bathroom if older people are there in your home.

Wide doorways and sidewalks can be convenient

If your parents are using wheelchairs then they will need wide doorways for easy operation of the chair. Most wheelchairs need a doorway having a width of 32-34 inches. You can also widen the sidewalks to make them convenient for your elderly members. Contact an experienced general contractor and discuss your requirements so that they can deliver services as per your requirements.

Keep kitchen countertops, appliances, and cabinets at an adjustable height

You should focus on the kitchen area and upgrade it if your parents are coming to live with you. The countertops should be at a reachable height so that your parents can have easy access to that area. Keep the countertops at a height of 30 inches which will not put too much stress on them while cooking. Also, place the kitchen appliances and the cabinets at a height that is convenient for elderly people.

Use Sensor lights

Sensor lights can be installed in the bedroom area to ensure your parents do not fall while waking up at midnight. You can also install such lights in the bathroom so that they access the bathroom area without any hassles when they wake up late at night and use the bath space. Focus on adequate lighting in the walkways and pathways so that the elderly people will not feel difficulty accessing such areas. The sensor lights should be lit up with any movement detected in a particular area.


We have discussed a few ideas that are suitable for elderly members of your home. Besides these, you can also use anti-skid tiles that will prevent your elderly members from slipping. You can use these tiles in moist areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Placements of cupboards and cabinets should be at a reachable height so that senior family members can reach out easily to these places. If you are searching for an experienced general contractor in your location then you can contact us to hire our skilled experts

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