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7 Cutest Enemies In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, Ranked

These enemies from Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are just too cute.

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are a lot of enemies that are neither cute nor pretty. They can be scary even when they’re not trying to be, so it’s likely that you’d have to stretch the definition of “cute” to include some of them.

But you’re just not doing it right. You don’t have to choose monsters and enemies based on how cute they are, you just have to look at them in a different way. If you do Kilton’s side quest in Tarrey Town, you’ll start to see how cute some of these enemies can be.

Bubbulfrogs, Surprisingly Enough

You might disagree, which is fine, but the Bubbulfrog is also the friendliest enemy you’ll meet in Hyrule. Yes, it might try to hurt you, but that doesn’t mean it will succeed. If anything, the Bubbulfrog’s attacks are surprising easy to avoid, and you only need one or two bullets to make the Blupee run away.

Instead, Blupees would have been on this list, but they don’t really fight you—they just run away, taking all your gems with them. They look like Koltin’s description and idea of what a Satori should look like mixed with a frog. If you like frogs, you might think the Bubbulfrog is cute, especially since it has little feet with webs and bright colours.

Flutter Your Heart Out, Keese

This might seem like an odd choice, since Keese aren’t much more than wings and a big eyes that like to fly straight at you. But you wouldn’t be doing things right if you gave up on Keese just because of that. These small creatures of natural chaos are the smallest enemies in Hyrule, and if you need to, they are also the easiest to kill.

All they do is fly around and sit on ceilings so they can scare you when you least expect it. Since they are very small, it makes sense that they would be a little angry. The smaller you are, the less room your anger has to spread out, like a Chihuahua.

Chuchu Jellies Bouncing About

At least, that’s how it is in the later game. These wiggly little jellies are cuter than they are scary. In the beginning of the game, Chuchu Jelly, especially the elemental ones, are very dangerous, so you should be careful when approaching them.

But, are they trying to hurt you on purpose, or are they just giving you a love tap? (They’re probably trying to hurt you on purpose). Chuchu Jellies, like a few other enemies in Tears of the Kingdom, will come out of the ground apparently out of nowhere when they want to attack you. It’s a bit of a pleasant surprise.

Even so, they’re not the worst thing you can run into in Hyrule. When this slime rolls towards you and looks scary, you can’t help but want to pat it. Plus, they drop some of the best materials for making arrows.

Octoroks Rock

Octoroks can be scary at first, especially when they jump out of the ground and shoot weapons at you. But that moment of fear shouldn’t stop you from wanting to squash their little heads. Think about how they would move when you patted them.

Maybe they’d even make a cute trilling sound, but we’ll never know because they’re gone. When you get close to an Octorok, it runs away and hides, leaving you to wonder how cute they would be if they weren’t trying to kill you.

Wolves Are Probably Cheating

Is it wrong to include wolves? Most likely, but they will attack you, so officially they are your enemies. They are not monsters; they are just kind of mean dogs who will give you fresh meat if you hit back. To be fair to the other animals, wolves don’t get first place by default because they are both an enemy and a “animal you can hunt.”

Still, it’s hard to argue against the fact that they’re cute and that you want to pet them and feed them treats. They aren’t really the best boys, though, because they try to attack Link all the time. The dogs at the stables are much nicer, so they are the real best boys.

Stone Pebblit

I bet you didn’t know this enemy’s name, but good for you if you did! Even though it doesn’t have a face or much of a face, it works for these little pebbles. They are just small versions of the Stone Talus. They walk around Backrooms, sometimes acting as fortifications or just going about their own business, but sometimes getting into fights.

These Pebblits are always ready to fight, unlike their older brothers. They look like rocks so they can sneak up on their enemies at any time. The whole thing is really cute, and it’s easy to get rid of them by picking them up and throwing them away. Adorable!

Even their name, Pebblit, is cute. Little Pebble wants to be as big as their bigger brothers and sisters, but they aren’t big enough yet. Also, when you throw them to the side, they explode, so they probably won’t get as big as a Stone Talus, which is probably for the best.

Basket Bokoblins Are The Best

On their own, Bokoblins can be kind of cute in a mean way. They have squished, scrunched-up faces and big, flappy ears that move as they sway back and forth holding their little spears and shouting for blood. But they’re even cuter when they have their little baskets, which they use to carry the food and other things they’ve found on their journeys.

Some may use the fruit to put explosives on their arrows so they can kill you with an explosion, while others seem to walk through the fields collecting things for their group. They are just small creatures that carry around little bags made of sticks and fill them with whatever they want.

In a way, these basket-carrying Bokoblins are like bears in that you want to go up to them and squish their little faces and make their ears flap, but if you did, they would have your head on a stick in about two minutes. Oh well, they can still be seen from afar (or with Kilton’s show).

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