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6 Reason to Hire the Commercial Movers in Surrey for Office Moves

Are you planning to relocate office space within the next few months, but you’re not sure whether or should you hire moving services? Here are six reasons to hire the Commercial movers in Surrey for office moves!

Minimize the time spent on business downtime

Employing experts to do the job allows your employees to concentrate on their daily tasks with little disruption.

In other words, instead of continuing in the same way, they’d spend their precious time shifting furniture and packing up boxes.

In the end, this can influence morale and cause feelings of anger, making it more difficult to produce. It also puts your business at risk financially and legally if you depend on employees to assist with moving offices.

Unfortunate events can occur where employees may fall, hurt themselves or strain a muscle and seek out the business to seek compensation. As a result, costly equipment may be damaged and have to be repaired or replaced, adding to the financial strain. Do not take the chance and go with professional moving services!

They have the right equipment for the job

Have you ever attempted to take apart an office cubicle using the proper equipment? It’s a lot easier to say than done!

This is another reason that commercial movers are the best choice for office relocations – they are equipped with the best equipment to complete the task quickly and effectively.

They also have flatbed and moving trucks designed to transport your office equipment like Printers, Xerox machines, servers, and many more.

Reducing stress levels, trust professionals equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and resources to complete the task in a timely and organized way.

They HELP with office installation

Nothing is more stressful than packing your workplace, shifting your equipment, and being forced to set up and reinstall everything yourself.

This is the truth of moving your business without the assistance of experts. The burden is on you, and it’s a lot of pressure!

The great thing about hiring commercial movers is that they do not just take apart, move and pack the office but assist reinstalling and taking everything out of the box.

This will also reduce your downtime while moving people are out and about while your employees are doing theirs.

With just a little help in the right direction, the office space you want to create can be fully functional with the help of experts in a fraction of the time.

It will save your money

Hiring help from experts will save your cash – how do you make that happen? Let’s look at the cost if you had to move your office by yourself:

  1. You will likely need to rent a moving truck to transport office furniture and equipment.
  2. You’ll need to buy packing and moving supplies.
  3. It is possible to purchase or hire tools for disassembling workplace furniture (i.e., office cubicles).
  4. You’d spend hours packing, cleaning, and moving- all of which waste your valuable business hours and reduce productivity.
  5. Overworked employees can become frustrated and, in the end, less productive.

Moving your office on your own is financially draining, but it could greatly impact your downtime for the business. It’s not a secret that this can affect your business’s bottom line.

A commercial moving service typically offers an affordable price plan to meet your requirements and will cover all the above expenses.

It is possible to request an estimate that is most suitable to your budget. Professional moving services can be found within your budget to save time, money, and energy!


As we’ve mentioned before, hiring the help of a professional company for moving will ease the burden off your already stressed employees.

Moving can be a stressful task physically as well as mentally. Every employee is indeed responsible for the task of packing their desks. However, they shouldn’t be required to clean up an entire office if it’s not included in their job description or monthly payments.

While certain employees might be willing to assist, however, it’s unwise to your company.

Personal injuries, equipment damage, furniture damage, and inventory loss are the reality of assigning employees to assist with office relocation.

Choose experts who can handle moving, packing, and moving efficiently and time efficiently.


Do you think that even if you’re in only a tiny office with little to move, the total of your business equipment and technology is pretty substantial?

In addition, if a piece of equipment becomes damaged, it could require weeks to repair, which will only increase the amount of downtime.

Accidents occur, and even if the office move isn’t huge or even close, professionals have insurance covering the occurrences.

Most commercial moving companies will provide two types of insurance, so you’ll be completely covered in the case of damage or loss to your furniture or equipment.


Are you looking for knowledgeable commercial Movers in Surrey to help you with your business relocation? Then don’t worry and call Big Boy Deliveries and get the moving services they offer.

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