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6 Best Sentinel Ship Technology In No Man’s Sky

In No Man’s Sky, this specialised tech will set you apart from everyone else in space.

A lot of the planes, technology, multi-tools, and jetpacks in No Man’s Sky are based on sentinel technology. In the game, the sentinels are like an international police force made of robots whose job is to protect valuable resources and animals on planets.

You will finally find the spot where a sentinel ship crashed. You can fix it up and add it to your fleet. These sentinel machines have special technology that works the same way as its counterparts on other ships in No Man’s Sky game. However, there are some small changes that make these ships more interesting as a whole.

Pilot Interface

The captain interface is an interesting piece of new ship technology because it doesn’t improve any of your ship’s stats. But because these sentinel spaceships are intelligent, you must use the Pilot Interface to merge your thoughts with the ship. This gives you full control over the sentinel.

To keep flying the ship, you have to always have the pilot interface equipped in your ship’s inventory. This means that this piece of technology will always take up one spot. Even though losing one slot might not seem like a big deal, No Man’s Sky game has a huge number of weapons and ship upgrades, so you might have to give up some upgrades to keep flying this aeroplane. But the other new ship technologies inside these sentinels give big bonuses that make up for this problem.

Aeron Shield

The Aeron Shield is a new piece of technology that ships use instead of defences that have been used for a long time. These shields have a pretty simple job: they keep enemy fighters and their guns away from you and your spaceship. When your shield is badly damaged, you usually have to fix it by giving it something made of sodium, like batteries.

Even though this is still how the Aeron Shield works in No Man’s Sky, you can also fill up your ship’s shields with Radiant Shards or purple crystals that you can find on corrupted worlds. Since sentry ships can only be found in corrupted systems. It is both very easy and helpful to farm for Radiant Shards. Radiant Shards are also needed to fix a sentinel ship that has crashed. Collecting these crystals whenever you find them will help you complete tasks and keep your ship’s tech systems running smoothly.

Luminance Engine

When you go to planets in the same solar system. You will use your pulse engine to get from one place to another fast. The Luminance Engine works the same way as the Pulse Engine. You can go anywhere you want at top speeds. The good news is that this piece of technology can also be charged with Radiant Shards. So you don’t have to collect fuel from rocks anymore.

Since the improvements for the pulse engine can also be used on the Luminance Engine. You can use this sentinel tech to move faster through space while using less fuel.

Anti-Gravity Well

When your ship leaves a planet, the Anti-Gravity Well will turn on instead of the usual thrusters. It will use a lot of fuel to move the spaceship upwards. Usually, to refuel basic ships, you have to find different materials on worlds and combine them to make fuel for the thrusters. Even though it can still work with this fuel. The Ant-Gravity Well can also be refuelled with the new Radiant Shards.

Also, you can improve the Anti-Gravity Well by using blueprints that are already in the game. This lets you lower the amount of fuel you use when you take off by a lot. Since making this fuel can be a pain, gathering a lot of Radiant Shards will speed up your travels between planets a lot.

Crimson Core

Instead of using a normal hyperdrive to jump between universes, Sentinel Ships can use the Crimson Core to move between solar systems without having to worry about refuelling. In a normal spaceship, you’ll need to make warp cells and antimatter to refuel your hyperdrive, which runs out of fuel quickly when you jump from one star system to another. You can make upgrades that let you go to different coloured star systems or farther away, but you’ll spend most of your time in Penalty Kick Online game making fuel for your hyperdrive.

Like the other pieces of technology in Sentinel Ships, the Crimson Core can be filled with Radiant Shards. This makes refuelling your ship much easier and faster. Also, you can still improve the Crimson Core with the upgrades already in the game. Which will make it easier to warp to new places.

Sentinel Canon

One big difference between Sentinel ships and other spaceships is that Sentinel ships tend to do a lot of damage. To take advantage of these ships’ high base damage. The Sentinel Canon is a good choice for a basic laser weapon that can hurt both shields and hulls. This weapon is even better than the standard photon laser because it fires much faster than the game’s base weapons.

You can also take advantage of the fact that these ships have better damage stats by installing high-class guns and upgrades. All the usual weapons and upgrades for ships can be put on sentinel ships, making them dangerous weapons.

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