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5 Ways Stamped Concrete Can Enhance The Look Of Your Home

Stamped concrete has become one of the preferable options to beautify a home surface, such as driveways, patios, and walkways as well. It is also known as patterned or imprinted concrete. When plain concrete gets boring, this one can be an economical and versatile choice to go for. By installing stamped concrete, you will be able to enjoy the natural stone patterned look like brick, flagstone, and slate. The best thing about stamped concrete is it comes without a high cost, and the installation process is less time-consuming, especially with Clean Custom Concrete. We are your reliable residential and commercial concrete contractors in Cleveland, Ohio

In this blog, we will discuss a few ways through which stamped concrete can achieve a dreamy home look. 

How To Beautify Your Home Through Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete can be a spectacular way to enhance the look of your home and give an aesthetic appeal. Look into the following ways through which stamped concrete can uplift the look of your house. 

Paired Along Other Concrete Style

People who have open spaces, for example, a patio, pool deck, or an extended courtyard, can definitely go for more than one decorative concrete style. Overlaying it with different concrete styles will make your space look stylish and give you an elevated backyard. You can get one concrete with a color that complements the other and have a coordinated look. 

Smooth Texturizing

Through concrete stamp mats, you can create a certain texture to the surface without any joint lines. Due to its multi-natural shade, slate has become a popular choice with custom concrete stains that can go with concrete stamps. Any color of slate can be easily duplicated, or you can customize your own. Stamped concrete offers a great finish and is durable, that will last for decades without showing any signs of wear, crack, or chips. However, a little maintenance may be needed. 

Finishes Of Faux Wood

For homeowners and decorators, stamped concrete has introduced a great usage of faux wood finishing. You can have outdoor wooden porches, patios, steps, and walkways without the worry of splintering, warping, dry rot, and cracking from constant weather changes. With concrete stamps, wood plank finishes of various sizes and textures are just a stamp away. With custom concrete stamps, you can have the exact color you wish for, ranging from light to darker wood tones. You can also go for a color that matches well with your existing landscape elements presented in the yard. 

Have An Artistic Touch With Stencils

Adding stencils with a custom design is a great feature that can be attained with stamped concrete. With this type of concrete hand colored designs have now become an integral part as they will not peel off or fade away. You can create a focal point on a patio or be creative and customize the driveway. For front porches, entryways, and outdoor patios, colorful stencil rug patterns and designs are extremely popular. 

Stamped Decorative Borders

If you have a budget problem and can’t go for an entire concrete makeover, then using stamped concrete borders is the way to go. The addition can be economical yet give your patio a completely new look with the ideal compromise. The borders can be custom, giving your home a lovely appeal with a personalized touch. 

To Wrap It Up

Elevate the look of your patio through stamped concrete and make a versatile choice. At Clean Custom Concrete, we give you the best installation of stamped concrete, after which your home will have a outclass look. We are a well-known residential and commercial concrete contractors in Berea, OhioSo visit our website and learn more about what we have to offer. 

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