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5 Tips To Make Your Brand Social Friendly With Kraft Boxes

Kraft Boxes are, undoubtedly, one of the most user-friendly and nature-friendly packaging types. They are very strong and durable due to the cardboard material used to manufacture them. They are widely used to pack a wide variety of items like toys, food items, cosmetic products, jewelry, watches, and many more. They can bear high temperature and resist moisture so they can protect the items inside from many harmful elements. They can be personalized in many ways by printing them with the name, logo, or vision of the business. They can be used to advertise a product when they are printed with the tagline or slogan of a brand. Many of them come with handles that provide easiness of carrying them. They are made with biodegradable and recycled material that does not cause pollution. In this way, they are harmless to the environment. Some of them come with a lid as opening, and others offer folds to be used as the opening of the package.

Kraft Boxes are not only good for the protection of the items packed inside them. They are an excellent choice to engage with customers in a more personalized way. They provide many customization options to businesses so the companies can utilize them accordingly. In the coming lines, we are going to give you 5 tips that will make your brand more social-friendly by using them. 

Print To Spread Awareness

Kraft boxes can be printed with different printing technologies. Many brands print their business or product information to promote a specific product and their brand. But if you want your brand to become social-friendly, you need to put useful information on it that allows the customers to learn something new when they see your packaging. A huge number of people prefer to purchase the products of businesses that give back. In this regard, you can advertise a social cause on the packaging. It can be about spreading awareness about traffic rules. You can choose to spread awareness about the causes of different types of cancer. You can get them printed with the symptoms of a heart attack. If you are a cosmetic business, you can share information about skin problems and their solutions. You can advertise a donation campaign that will motivate more people to donate for a specific cause. In this way, people will perceive your brand as social-friendly that not just take their money but spend it on good causes as well.

Promote Green Culture

Kraft box packaging is made up of corrugated cardboard materials. That is why it biodegradable and decompose easily after going into landfill. They can be recycled many times resulting in less consumption of valuable natural resources. Many people are not aware of these eco-friendly blessings of this packaging. You can get it printed with the need of the nature-friendly products and your contribution to making the environment safe. You can get it printed with a leaf, tree, or more images that communicate the message of environment safety. You can even get it printed with text like “eco-friendly,” or “save nature.” All these things will show the people that your brand is socially responsible and take care of the environment. 

Consider Social Norms

People like personalization in everything they buy. These custom boxes enable many customization options. You can get them manufactured in desired shapes and designs that are relevant to the cultural and social norms. They can be designed for a specific event. For Christmas, you can get your packages printed with a decorated tree or with a picture of Santa Claus. You can also get them manufactured in heart shape for valentine’s day. They can be given a haunted die-cut window for Halloween. Or you can make their shape like an egg for Easter. All these customizations will make them more personalized for the specific targeted audience. It can create trust between you and your customers, and this will also position your brand as social-friendly in the minds of the customers.

Encourage Reuse

Custom Kraft boxes are made up of corrugated cardboard materials; that is why their strength can be regulated. In this way, they can be made more sturdy and durable by increasing the thickness of the cardboard sheet. Due to their long life, businesses can encourage people to reuse them in their daily life. You can get them printed with many of their everyday life benefits. Depending upon their size and shape, they can be used to store shoes, toys, watches, jewelry, glasses, and many other things. They can be used as gift packaging. They can be reused as flowerpots. There is a great chance that people are not aware of their plenty of uses, so they simply waste them. This is where your brand can make a big difference by educating the people about their reuses. In this way, you will be contributing to reducing solid waste as well as educating society. 

Use Premium Quality

The quality of Kraft packaging is customizable. You need to get it manufactured in excellent quality. Creatively designed packaging is liked by everyone, but not when its quality is not good. Get it laminated with high quality glossy or matte sheets to make it look more premium. This is because it is the first thing that your customers will see your business. And they form a long-lasting perception of your brand by checking the quality of the packaging. Many customers upload unboxing videos of the products on their social media accounts if they find packaging quality good. In this way, you will be helping your customers to create good social media content. 

To be socially recognized is one of the ultimate goals of every business. Kraft box packaging can help your brand in achieving this goal. The above-mentioned 5 tips are some of the many that show how you can make your brand social-friendly by using Kraft packaging.

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