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5 Things You Must Consider When Buying Property in Brisbane

If you are thinking of moving to Brisbane, it is important to understand that owning property in Australia is not cheap. In fact, it can take years to build up a decent portfolio of properties and you will need to be prepared for the costs involved.

The good news is that Brisbane developments are on the rise and there are many good opportunities for investors looking for returns on their investment. Here are three things you must consider when buying property in Brisbane:

1.   Location

The first thing that you must consider is the location of the property. You should choose a place that has good infrastructure and transportation options. This is because it will allow you to access other parts of the city easily. If you are not able to use public transportation, then it will be very difficult for you to move around in your new home.For instance, the inner suburbs of Brisbane offer great value due to their proximity to the CBD. These areas include Spring Hill, Cannon Hill, New Farm and Indooroopilly. In addition, these areas also have great amenities like schools, medical facilities and transport links.

You can easily move to another suburb if needed without having to travel far from home or pay for long-distance flights or accommodation for work purposes. You will be able to access jobs and services easily by car or public transport.

2.   Space

The size of your lot can make or break your decision on where to buy property in Brisbane. Do not get caught up with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or square footage; instead focus on the basement, garage and outdoor space.Another thing that you should think about when buying property in Brisbane is whether or not it has enough space for your family and friends to visit. You may want to live close to your relatives and friends so that they can help out if there is an emergency at home or if something happens to one of them during their stay over there.

3.   Living cost

Another important thing that you should consider when buying property in Brisbane is how much money do, we have left after paying our bills? If this amount is not enough then we should think twice before buying a house because it can cost us more than what we really need while living there.

4.   Property type

There are two types of properties: freehold and leasehold (known as strata). Freehold properties mean that you own the land, whereas leasehold means that you rent it out from one owner (the landlord) who pays all maintenance fees as well as some other costs like rates and taxes.

5.   Consider the neighborhood

The first thing you need to consider is the neighborhood where you want to buy property. If you do not like the neighborhood where you want to live, then it may not be worth buying that particular property. You should look for houses in areas that have good schools, parks and other amenities nearby.

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