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5 Proven Tactics to Increase Open Rates on Your Principals Email List

Principals are incredibly busy individuals, receiving a barrage of emails daily. If you’re looking to increase the open rates on your principals email list, it is important to make your emails stand out. These ten proven tactics will help you capture their attention, ensuring your message is not only opened but read and responded to as well.

Craft Engaging Subject Lines

Your email’s subject line acts as the first introduction to your message, setting the stage for what’s inside. The key is to make it compelling, pertinent, and succinct enough to persuade the principal to open your email. A Convince & Convert study revealed that about 35% of email recipients decide whether to open an email based solely on the subject line. Aim for brevity, ideally keeping your subject line under 50 characters. Additionally, try to spark a sense of urgency or intrigue to motivate the reader to click on the email.

Personalize Your Emails

Implementing a personal touch in your emails is a highly effective tactic to increase your open rates. It’s been demonstrated that personalization can lead to transaction rates six times higher than non-personalized emails. Incorporating the recipient’s name in your subject line or at the beginning of your email can make a huge difference. However, effective personalization extends beyond using the recipient’s name. Tailoring the content of your email to align with the recipient’s specific interests, challenges, or role within the school system is essential. By doing so, you demonstrate respect for their time and communicate that you aren’t simply distributing a generic, mass email. This individualized attention increases the likelihood your email will be opened and read. Remember, the more personalized your email is, the more meaningful and valuable it will be to the recipient, which ultimately improves your open rates.

Optimize Your Send Times

The timing of when you hit ‘send’ on your emails can greatly affect your open rates. You need to strategically choose send times to ensure your emails are reaching principals when they are most likely to have time to check their inboxes. Avoid the trap of sending emails during the hectic school hours when principals are likely juggling a multitude of tasks. Instead, consider dispatching your emails during the early morning hours before the school day begins, late afternoons when the day is winding down, or even during weekends when there is potentially less competition in their inboxes.

However, keep in mind that the best send time can vary depending on the individual and their specific schedule. Therefore, it’s worth experimenting with various send times to discover when your emails are most frequently opened. Once you’ve determined this, maintain a consistent schedule. This not only helps in increasing open rates but also builds anticipation among your recipients for your emails.

Remember, there’s no hard and fast rule in email marketing. What works for one principal might not work for another. Therefore, it’s important to continue to monitor your open rates and adjust your send times accordingly. You’re seeking the sweet spot of maximum engagement and with some analysis and fine-tuning, you’re likely to find it.

Keep Your Email List Clean

Maintaining the cleanliness and accuracy of your principals email list is a fundamental factor in achieving high open rates. Regular housekeeping of your list, which includes deleting outdated or incorrect email addresses, as well as disengaged or inactive subscribers, enhances the efficacy of your email marketing strategy. In addition to helping you target the right audience, this process prevents your emails from being classified as spam or junk, an issue that could harm your sender’s reputation with email providers and impact deliverability rates. Moreover, a streamlined list ensures that your emails are reaching individuals who are genuinely interested in your content, hence increasing the likelihood of engagement. A routine review of your list also provides an opportunity to segment your recipients further, perhaps by their particular interests or challenges, which can enhance personalization efforts as discussed earlier. By keeping your list pruned and accurate, you’re setting your emails up for a higher rate of success. Remember, a robust email marketing strategy isn’t just about expanding your list but ensuring it’s populated with the right audience.

Test and Optimize Your Emails

To improve your open rates, it’s crucial to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your email strategies. Email marketing isn’t a static process but requires continual fine-tuning based on your audience’s responses. The power of testing different elements of your email campaigns cannot be overstated. A myriad of factors, including subject lines, email content, personalization techniques, and timing of delivery, can greatly influence open rates. By experimenting with these variables, you can identify what specifically drives your target audience to engage.

Monitoring key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and response rates can reveal what’s resonating with your principals and what’s missing the mark. This actionable data can help you hone your strategies and tailor your emails more effectively. For instance, if you find a certain type of subject line garners more opens, try to incorporate similar phrasing in future emails. If a particular send time results in higher open rates, adjust your schedule to dispatch more emails at that time.

Remember, though, that what’s effective today may not be as effective tomorrow. As the needs and interests of your principals evolve, so should your email strategies. The best way to keep your finger on the pulse of these changing trends is through regular testing and optimization of your emails. This commitment to continuous learning and improvement is what will keep your email marketing efforts fresh and successful, increasing the likelihood that your emails will stand out in a crowded inbox.


Boosting the open rates of your principals’ email list is an achievable goal with the application of these proven tactics. Crafting engaging subject lines that elicit curiosity, personalizing emails to resonate with individual recipients, optimizing send times to match the recipient’s schedule, maintaining a clean and accurate email list, and regularly testing and refining your emails are strategies that can dramatically enhance your email open rates. These strategies demand an investment of time and effort but can yield significant returns in terms of increased engagement and communication. Always remember, that the success of your email marketing campaign lies in creating value for your recipient and fostering a sense of connection. So, keep experimenting, keep learning, and most importantly, keep prioritizing your principals’ needs and interests in every email you send. With persistence and dedication, you can indeed make your email stand out amidst the deluge in their inbox. Your success will not only be reflected in your increased open rates but also in the deeper and more effective relationships you’ll build with the principals on your list.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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