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5 Hacks to Improve Your Law School Personal Statement

A personal statement, also known as a letter of motivation or statement of purpose, is a type of essay or a written piece usually required to apply for admission to an educational institute like a college or for applying for a scholarship. This statement should be written by the candidate applying for the admission or scholarship. The purpose of writing a personal statement is to aware the other party about your academic excellence, past experiences, and professional goals.

Writing a personal statement is one of the most crucial steps to take before applying for a law school. A Law student is expected to be good with their words. Think of it as a platform to highlight your personality achievements and experiences. You have to write this letter in a way that perfectly flaunts your skills. Try to write things that show why you are the perfect pick for this opportunity since it is your chance to convince the admission committee.

Today, we are here to guide you through the procedure of writing a personal statement as a student of legal studies while also providing you with some hacks to do it flawlessly.

5 Steps to write the perfect Law Personal Statement

1 – Create an Outline

    Collect your jumble thoughts and start organizing them by producing an outline. Try to express your most prominent personality traits in your subheadings.

    It’s important to keep in mind that legal professionals place a high value on organizations. Since most of the persons reading and evaluating your essay will have legal backgrounds, developing a strong outline is essential.

    It’s crucial to pay attention to the way you organize your message. If you are finding it difficult to express so many thoughts at once, you can always choose any renowned Personal Statement Writing Services to do it for you. It may be alluring to adhere to strict guidelines and compose a personal statement that carefully analyzes your motivation for entering the school, your credentials, and the significance of your extracurricular activities. However, a narrative method is sometimes used to craft the strongest personal messages.

    Properly formatted stories tend to engage the audience and clearly express how your choice of legal school will benefit your future goals. Your piece should be able to convey your reasons behind choosing law as your field. It should also be able to create a relationship between you and your choice of school. Writing a story about your personal life from your perspective can captivate the readers by grabbing their attention besides informing them about your academic and professional excellence.

    2 – Steer Clear of Cliches

    You have the chance to demonstrate your motivation to study your favourite field in your law school personal statement. To become a motivated student who is prepared to learn, it is crucial that you show your enthusiasm for the subject. Your instructor wants to know that learning about law excites and intrigues you. However, some applicants exaggerate to show how enthusiastic they are. This may sound cliché, and instructors can spot fake enthusiasm. So, be honest!

    For example, try to include sentences where you are answering questions like ‘Why does this specific faculty seem to excite you?’ Simply avoid using sentences unprofessional and non-serious sentences like ‘XYZ Netflix series made me choose law.’

    3 – Open with Creativity

    Although it may be tempting to start your essay off by discussing the value of the legal system or why you’re enthusiastic about a particular university, starting with your personal experience will more effectively engage readers. An essay that tells a tale will not only captivate readers but will also stick in their minds more.

    During your endeavour of legal studies, you will be facing tons of assignments that require a sense of choosing the right words and the capability to argue with logic and experience. Law assignment writing services are a blessing for law students tired of pulling all-nighters to complete their assignments. It is always a better option to set a scene with a descriptive lead narrating your personal experiences than solely to be outlining your excitement for or desire in studying law. Every applicant has a desire to learn about law, which only serves to emphasize this. Your application will be more memorable if you tie that interest to a tale that only you can tell.

    4 – Try to Relate

    Talk about your prior or current studies by referencing your transferrable talents; explain how the subject matter and the skills relate to the course you have chosen and how they will help you succeed.

    As an alternative, you may talk about how collaborative or creative projects have helped you develop important abilities for academic success. Include relatable soft skills that you may possess such as multitasking, communication, and organization.

    5 – Concluding

    It is time to tie all loose ends now. Your personal statement’s conclusion part has to restate and summarize your key ideas. It must be written in a tight and crisp manner and provide the reader with a better idea of who you are and why attending law school is the best next step in your educational career. 

    Writing a motivational letter for law school can be a time taking task. After you are done writing, you can start the process of feedback and proofreading. Never submit crucial pieces like this statement before proofreading them. Proofreading allows you to avoid submitting an essay full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Your first copy of the statement has a 99 per cent chance of including a human error. Try to get feedback from other non-relative people to obtain honest reviews and helpful tips. Try to get a review of your statement from a law professional if possible.

    Final Thoughts

    Your motivation letter is a great chance to assert dominance over the committee. Utilize this chance with a well written letter to impress your readers and guarantee your seat in your dream college. Remember, no one was born as a perfect statement writer, practice is necessary to get command over your story telling skills. Keep proofreading and editing your essay until you have its finest version in your hands.

    Try to incorporate creativity, organization, relativity and personalization into your statement. Delete all the cliché sentences and metaphors that are probably going to make the judges do an eye roll. Hopefully, by following the above mentioned tips you will be successful in entering your desired law school.

    Uneeb Khan
    Uneeb Khan
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