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5 Facts About The Ashley Piercing You Probably Didn’t Know

If you’re anywhere near a body piercing salon, you’ve probably heard of the Ashley piercing. (And if you’re not, well, now you know!) This lip ashely piercing has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it’s a relatively simple and affordable procedure that can look very sexy and stylish. Here are five facts about the Ashley piercing you might not have known:

What is the Ashley Piercing?

Thebody piercing s a type of body piercing that is located in the lower lip. It is named after its creator, Ashley Ecklund, who first got the piercing in 2007. The Ashley Piercing was designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The piercing is made up of two triangles that are joined together by a barbell, and it sits below the lower lip.

How Does the Ashley Piercing Work?

The Ashley piercing is a popular body modification that involves inserting a metal bar through the lower lip. The piercing is named for its creator, Ashley Chapman, who first had it done in 2007. The bar is inserted through the lip and passed through the teeth to the other side.

What are the Benefits of the Ashley Piercing?

There are a lot of benefits to the Ashley piercing, and it’s one of the most popular body piercings in the world. Here are just a few:

  1. It can be very decorative.

The Ashley Piercing is a great option if you’re looking for something that will be very decorative. You can choose to have it positioned in any location on your body, and it’ll look beautiful no matter where it is.

  1. It’s versatile.

The Ashley Piercing is versatile enough that you can wear it in different ways depending on what you want to achieve. You can wear it as part of an elaborate tattoo or as simple jewelry, and either way it’ll look great.

  1. It’s comfortable.

One of the benefits of the Ashley Piercing is that it’s incredibly comfortable. Most people find that it doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort, which is great news if you’re looking for a permanent piercing that you can wear without worry about it hurting later on down the line.

Is the Ashley Piercing safe?

The Ashley piercing is a type of body jewelry that is made out of 14 gauge titanium. It is a horizontal barbell piercing that runs the length of the lower lip. The piercing was first popularized in the early 1990s and has since become one of the most popular piercings in the world.

Despite its popularity, there are some myths surrounding the Ashley piercing that you may want to be aware of before making your decision. Some people believe that this piercing is more difficult to heal than other types of piercings, and that it can be painful to wear jewelry. However, both of these claims are largely unfounded. In fact, the Ashley piercing is one of the easiest piercings to heal and can be comfortably worn jewelry for up to six months without any issues.

Overall, the Ashley piercing appears to be a safe and effective option for those looking for a new body modification. If you are considering this piercing, make sure to speak with a qualified healthcare provider about your specific situation before making any decisions.


In this article, we have shared five facts about the Ashley piercing that you may not have known. From its popularity to the unique way it is placed, we hope that our information has been helpful and provided a little insight into this popular piercing. If you are considering getting an Ashley piercing yourself, be sure to read our post on the benefits of getting one so that you can make an informed decision. We look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below!

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