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5 Crime Data API With Their Free Alternatives

When you move to a new state or, to put it simply, a new neighborhood, the main thing that would concern you is its safety. Knowing the crime rate in those places will help to ensure that the location is safe for you and enable you to take the correct preventive measures. 

Thanks to advanced technology, you now have access to various applications that give you accurate information on crime and fraud rates. When this data goes public, it can help to improve police operations, establish better policies, and boost openness. 

Usually, An API or Application Programming Interface refers to the template of certain coding instructions that one integrates into 3rd party applications or software. After its integration, the third-party app has access to some predefined regions of the app to which the API relates, such as a database, a collection of data analytics tools, etc. As a result, a crime data API enables a certain program to access database-based crime information by geolocation. 

So, here are the five best crime data APIs and their alternatives for you to choose from.

  1. Crime Score API

The CrimeScore API provides details on the complete safety ranking of a certain American city. They determine the grade with the help of the crime’s proximity, its date of commission, and its nature.

The API operates by asking users for their location’s coordinates and then returning the crime index of the query. It provides JSON-formatted (JavaScript Object Notation) or CSV replies to queries. The vast number of consumers of ssn verification api can obtain graded criminal reports ranging from A to F.

In addition to this rating, customers can receive crime scores ranging from 1 to 100. Users of the CrimeScore API can use web widgets or their applications to access the API. The benefit of this crime API is that it offers code samples, endpoint explanations, and several other resources to make it easier to use.

If you make no more than 500 requests per month using the CrimeScore API, it’s free to use. Additionally, it provides premium options, including its Pro plan with 5000 monthly calls for $50, its Ultra plan offering 15000 monthly calls for $100, and its Megaplan with 50000 monthly calls at $200.

  1. UK Police Open Data API

This criminal application programming interface shows information about crime and policing in Northern Ireland, Wales, and England. The UK Police Open Data API offers information on local safety requirements, nearby police units, neighborhood events, and police stops. Their users may also obtain information on crimes committed in a certain area and their consequences, police searches undertaken there, and police priorities. One can use this crime API without any restrictions, and is also free.

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  1. YourMapper2 API

The consumers of this API have access to programmatically sourced local, civic, and open data from around the US. The user may get information about public transportation, sexual offenders, crime, tourist attractions, auto accidents, bridge safety, greenhouse gas emissions, and health rankings of various eateries in YourMapper2. It provides response data in the following formats: JSON, CSV, XML and HTML. This API also provides a variety of datasets to improve integrated apps for websites and mobile devices. In addition to a sizable collection of data, the API provides documentation and response examples to make it easier to use.

For fewer than 100 API requests, you can use YourMapper2 for free. At $5 per month, the Pro plan gives 1000 API calls; for $50 per month, the Ultra plan allows 10,000 API calls; and for $200 per month, the Megaplan allows unlimited calls.

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  1. World Cities API

Based on the search parameters that their query meets, this API enables users to retrieve the list of specified cities. By offering options like “search by,” these API searches assist in modifying the consumers’ preferences. Users may use this procedure to focus their search on a particular nation, metropolis, or state. The query process’s results come via the World Cities API in JSON format. You can also use this API to conduct searches by phone numbers and country codes that are becoming a part of the API.

If the total number of requests does not exceed three hundred, this API is free to use. The customers may also choose from various premium options, including its Pro plan at $5, offering 1500 requests, its Ultra plan at $15/month, offering 6000 requests; and the Megaplan at $30/month, offering limitless requests.

  1. CrimeoMeter API

The CrimeoMeter is another great alternative to crime data API that provides instant access to reliable crime statistics. Additionally, it displays map data and the locations of crimes in more than 50 US states and other places worldwide. Additionally, this API provides Safety Quality Indexes (SQI) information and a safety recommendation for a specific place. It returns the results in JSON format after processing the queries.

For API requests that do not go beyond 10, Crimeometer offers a free basic package. Additionally, it offers premium options, starting with the Pro plan, which provides 100 API calls for $30 per month; the Ultra plan, which provides 1000 API calls for $249; and the Megaplan, which provides 5000 API calls for $490 per month.

Final Note

The Crime APIs can map data on the longitudes and latitudes supplied in the search parameters after integrating data from numerous places. The API delivers the replies in JSON format when the search query has been appropriately processed, making it possible for other programs to access and view the findings. The information returned by these queries may include data on crime statistics, background check information, information on sex offenders, and facial recognition. Additionally, some APIs include data on dark web data, cyber-attacks, crime maps, and the prognosis of any fraudulent conduct.

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