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5 Best Melt Team In Genshin Impact

Melt and Vaporise are two of the most powerful Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact because they can double the original damage.

Melt is, along with Vaporise, one of the most well-known Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact. For Melt to happen, both the Cryo and Pyro elements must be used on the same enemy. There are two kinds of damage caused by melt reactions: the normal melt reaction and the reversing melt reaction. The first one happens when Pyro and Cryo meet, and it doubles the damage. The second one also happens when Cryo and Pyro meet, but it doesn’t add as much damage.

Players shouldn’t be fooled by this difference, since the best Melt team compositions in Genshin Impact use Cryo units as their main damage-dealing units. One of the main reasons for this is that Cryo isn’t strong enough to use up all of the Pyro aura when the reaction happens. This leaves room for one more reversed-melt reaction.

Ayaka + Nahida + Venti + Bennett

If things go well, this team could be one of the best in Genshin Impact. When Venti’s Burst and Ayaka’s Burst are used together, players will do a lot of damage. But if a player makes a mistake, the damage goes apart and it takes a long time to get things back on track. It’s also important to note that this Melt team composition is not the best team for Ayaka in Genshin Impact. Because of how well she uses the Blizzard Strayer artefacts set, her best team composition will always be Freeze teams.

Start by marking enemies all over the field with Nahida’s Elemental Skill. Switch to Bennett and give him a good place to Burst. Take a few steps back with Venti to give Bennett’s Inspiration Field enough room between enemies and you. Cast Venti’s Stormeye to give it Pyro and draw enemies into its area of effect (AoE). The constant Pyro Swirls will keep triggering Nahida’s Elemental Skill, which will keep causing Burning reactions in Genshin Impact. Now that your enemies are Burning, step into Bennett’s Burst and use Ayaka’s Elemental Burst. Watch as this team uses the Melt response over and over again.

Team Roles

  • Ayaka: Main DPS, Cryo enabler
  • Nahida: Sub-DPS, buffer, Dendro enabler
  • Venti: Sub-DPS, crowd control, buffer, debuffer (with Viridescent Venerer)
  • Bennett: Support, healer, buffer, Pyro enabler

Hu Tao + Xingqiu + Kazuha + Diona

Hu Tao and Xingqiu are often thought to be one of the best couples in Genshin Impact. There are so many combos that can be added to this pair, like double Geo, where Zhongli and Albedo work together to increase Hu Tao’s damage while defending her. There is also the double Hydro team composition, which is made up of Xingqiu and Yelan. Their Hydro resonance increases the team’s HP by 25%.

With this combo, players will rely on Diona, Xingqiu, and Kazuha to freeze enemies so that Hu Tao’s charged and burst attacks will cause Melt instead of Vaporise. One of the best ways is to use Diona’s Burst to make a Cryo field that freezes enemies all the time. If she switches to Hu Tao and uses Elemental Burst, her damage will go up even more. This is especially true if Diona has her sixth Constellation open in Genshin Impact, which will give the team 200 Elemental Mastery. Even if players couldn’t regularly use Melt, this team composition wouldn’t lose a lot of damage because Vaporise Hu Tao and Xingqiu are still very powerful on their own.

Team Roles

  • Hu Tao: Main DPS, Pyro enabler
  • Xingqiu: Sub-DPS, minor healer, Hydro enabler
  • Kazuha: Support, crowd control, buffer, debuffer (with Viridescent Venerer)
  • Diona: Support, healer, Cryo enabler, buffer (on C6)

Ganyu + Zhongli + Xiangling + Bennett

Even though this reverse-Melt team is one of the oldest in Genshin Impact, it is still one of the best teams in the game. The way this team is set up, Xiangling and Bennett are able to use Pyro well while they are not on the pitch. This lets Ganyu take full advantage of the fact that Pyro affects every enemy because of how this team is set up. As a shielder, Zhongli lets Spacebar Clicker players charge Ganyu’s Charged strikes without being interrupted. In addition, Zhongli’s shield breaks an enemy’s resistance to Pyro and Cryo.

Team roles

  • Ganyu: Main DPS, Cryo enabler
  • Zhongli: Support, shielder, debuffer, buffer (with Tenacity of the Millelith)
  • Xiangling: Sub-DPS, Pyro enabler
  • Bennett: Support, healer, battery, buffer

Rosaria + Kazuha + Xiangling + Bennett

Xiangling and Bennett are always on most meta teams in Genshin Impact, which doesn’t come as a surprise. The reason for this is that they work well together because Bennett can charge Xiangling’s Burst and make it stronger because it will snap and keep all the stats it had when Xiangling used it. In this team composition, it doesn’t matter if Rosaria or Xiangling causes Melt, since both of them can do a lot of damage when the reaction happens.

Inside the Inspiration Field, start with Bennett’s Burst and then use Kazuha’s Burst. Now that Xiangling has both of these crazy buffs, she should quickly cast Pyronado, switch to Rosaria, and use Elemental Burst.

Team Roles

  • Rosaria: Sub-DPS, battery, buffer, Cryo enabler
  • Kazuha: Support, crowd control, buffer, debuffer (with Viridescent Venerer)
  • Xiangling: Sub-DPS, Pyro enabler
  • Bennett: Support, healer, battery, buffer

Chongyun + Xingqiu + Xiangling + Bennett

This original national team of Chongyun, Xingqiu, Xiangling, and Bennett is not only very strong, but it also has four 4-star characters who can work as well as 5-star units in Genshin Impact. With the strong teamwork between Bennett and Xiangling and the combination of Xingqiu and Chongyun, players can make a strong Melt team composition in Genshin Impact.

In this team composition, Chongyun is a great Support because he can freeze enemies with his Cryo field and Xingqiu’s off-field Hydro application. Chongyun can also make the cooldowns of the team’s Skills and Bursts a little bit shorter, which will help the rotations go faster and be more effective. Xiangling loses energy the most, so it’s important to use her as the Main DPS to use up all the particles. She also has the fastest hit, which gives her a better chance of restarting the Internal Cooldown.

Team Roles

  • Chongyun: Sub-DPS, buffer, Cryo enabler
  • Xingqiu: Sub-DPS, minor healer, Hydro enabler
  • Xiangling: Main DPS, Pyro enabler
  • Bennett: Support, healer, battery, buffer

Genshin Impact can now be played on PS4, PS5, Mobile, and PC. A version for the Switch is in the works.

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