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5 Best Marriage Sites in India to find your perfect Partner

Marriage is no laughing matter as it is perhaps the most important of all established bonds. No wonder, then, that great care is required when looking for the right person for the rest of life.

Well luckily for you we decided to make the search a little easier as we have compiled a list of the 9 best marriage websites in India that can help you in your decision and we have written a review of these marriage websites. You can get best marriage bureau to find your partner.

Here are some exceptional sites for you to choose from.

1.HMF Marriage Bureau

Simply HMF Marriage bureau Lahore is a more traditional Indian matrimonial site that allows you to browse profiles by native language, community and/or religion, redefining tradition in a contemporary way. With a number of success stories, this is definitely a marriage website to look out for.


Shaadi needs no introduction. As one of those “go-to” sites geared towards marriages, Shaadi excellent, brilliant UI design as well as making connections that actually work make this site a winner in our eyes. It will always be at the top when we list the best marriage ceremony sites in India based on any factor we examine


A bit more bare bones in nature than the other options on our list, don’t let the looks of this site fool you as it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. What it lacks in user interface, Bandhan makes up for in an impressive selection of profiles (self-proclaimed at 55 lakh), while still making intuitive connections. Also, the lack of frills increases functionality.


A more contemporary and left-wing take on the entire marriage agenda, footloosenomore

hopes to eradicate most of the stereotypes associated with arranged marriages and take a more modern approach to connecting with other single people. They aim to get to know people well enough and actually get to know each other before the big problem.


In Indian society in general it is and unfortunately I have to add that it is difficult for divorced or widowed people to find someone willing to tie the knot. Well, secondshaadi aims to eliminate that hassle entirely and allows people who are willing to attempt a second marriage to interact with others who are willing to do the same.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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