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5 Best Book Lights For Avid Bedtime Readers In 2023

Are you in the habit of reading at night? Then the best book lights will be your best reading companion. Whether you are reading in bed, sofa, desk, or couch, these lights will be the best choice for you and your reading habits. Book lights are quite handy for illuminating the pages of your books in the dark, especially if you have no intention of disturbing your partner. These lights have adjustable brightness levels, work well with avid e-readers, and are rechargeable. The book lights are responsible for preventing the strain on your eyes and reducing many short-term effects like headaches. 

These lights can easily clip right onto your book or can be attached to the side of your desk, nightstand, or headboards. You can buy these lights from Glocusent; they have an exclusive collection of the best book lights for bookworms. By applying Glocuscent Coupon Code, you can get the best deals on all your purchases. 

Let us look at some of the best book lights for making the reading experience at night more comforting and cozy:

1. Glocusent LED Book Light 

Glocusent’s literal meaning is glory, focus, and moment. The brand’s main aim is to provide book lights to bring you to light with glory. Their most popular item is a book light for kids with 16 advanced LED beads with three brightness levels. The light is bright, soft, comfortable and evenly spreads. These eye-friendly lights have no flickering and have blue-filtered light resulting in no more strain. 

The CRI of the light is 95, thus making the colors of the book appear more vivid in comparison to other lights. These book lights are perfect for kids or adults who are in the habit of reading in bed. The light has three color modes of amber reading mode(1800K), extensive reading mode(3400K), and intensive reading mode(6000K). 

These different modes reduce strain on the eyes by filtering 99.9% of blue light. The light has a USB-C rechargeable cable with an inbuilt battery that gives 8 to 80 hours of light. Furthermore, they have a power indicator to remind them that the battery is fully charged. 

2. Vekkia 12 LED Rechargeable Book Light

Vekkia Rechargeable book light is a dual-headlight that offers maximum coverage that lights up the larger pages. The book light has adjustable arms that offer 360-degree flexibility for placing them in any direction. These lights have bendable arms and dual-head designs and offer a wider light beam for reading more clearly. Further, the lights are apt for those who read oversize books or magazines and also for musicians and hobbyists who need bigger lights. 

Each LED light consists of 12 LED bulbs for producing a brighter light and more focused beam of light. The head of the light features a variable brightness setting, allowing the reader to choose from soft or bright light mode. These lights also have a diffuser optical lens to keep the light soothing for our eyes. Moreover, the clip-on design can attach to desks, headboards, and books and have a battery life of 20 hours. 

3. Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

Glocusent LED neck light features the most innovative design for readers who prefer a hands-free option. The ergonomic design of the neck light is available in two bendable arms that wrap around the back of the neck. These flights are quite flexible and easily adjust at a perfect angle. The narrow beam of light helps you stay focussed on your task without disturbing others. 

The hands-free design and concentrated beam are perfect for reading, knitting, repairing, and many more tasks. Each light head comes with an independent switch allowing users to change the color and brightness of the light. They are available in three different color options: yellow, cool white, and warm white. 

These book lights have a rechargeable battery for six hours of light at their highest setting and up to eighty hours at the lower setting. 

5 Best Book Lights For Avid Bedtime Readers In 2023

4. Dewenwils USB Rechargeable Book Light

Dewenwils Rechargeable book lights come with a large USB stick. These lights have inbuilt chargers and detach from clips to charge and are 3.7 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. They are pretty easy to charge and have a battery life of 8 hours. To charge these lights, simply plug the USB directly into a USB outlet, phone charger, or power bank. Despite the small size of the light, these lights are quite functional as they can rotate 350 degrees around the clip. 

The LED head can change the angle of rotation to 90 or 180 degrees and a 45-degree downward angle for illuminating the pages of the book. These lights have two different modes and give warm and white light to reduce the strain on the eyes. 

5. Energizer Reading Light Book Clip On

Energizer Reading Light is a clip-on light that is simple and runs on battery. These lights function on two CR2032 batteries. The oversize spring clip easily gets attached to books, e-readers, laptops, and more. This light comes with a flexible light option for various adjustments. The USP of these lights is they emit warm and soothing lights that do not strain your eyes. 

Further, the battery life of the book light is 25 hours with one-night mode and replaceable batteries. 

Final Conclusion On The Best Book Lights

For all avid bedtime readers, the book lights are a reliable and handy tool to make your reading more fun. In this article, we have explained in great detail the five best book light options available in the market. Additionally, we have described the features of these best book lights. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and order these fantastic lights for yourself or for your loved ones.

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