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5 Awesome Ways to Use a Torch Box This Summer

This summer, you might as well be packing your camping gear and heading to the beach. Why? Because that’s when outdoor activities like hiking and camping really come into their own. Along with outdoor activities comes the need for a good torch. A torch is essential for safely exploring dark areas or finding your way in the night. Here are five ways you can use a torch box this summer:

Use Your Torch Box to Ignite Fun Activities

Have a firework competition!

One fun way to use your luxury torch boxes is to have a firework competition. All you need to do is fill each torch box with different kinds of fireworks and set them off in sequence. The person who can light their torch the quickest wins.

Create a Custom Garden Flag

If you’re looking for a fun, creative way to spruce up your garden this summer, consider creating a custom garden flag using a torch box. Here are three easy steps of getting started:

1. Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need a torch box, some polyester fabricating tape, and an iron.

2. Make Your Flag Design

Using the polyester fabricating tape, create a design on the front of the torch box that represents your garden’s theme or location. For example, you could create a sunflower flag for your sunny backyard garden, or a grape vine flag for your vineyard in the country.

3. Iron the Flag onto the Torch Box

Once you’ve finished designing your flag, iron it onto the front of the torch boxes. Be sure to use caution when applying heat to metal surfaces – always use caution when working with hot objects.

Make a Cool Summer Candle

Summer is the perfect time to make your own candles. Here are some cool ways to do it:
1. Make a candle with a melted wax center. Pour melted wax into a jar or bottle, and then put the lid on the jar or bottle and screw it tight. Place the candle in direct sunlight for about an hour, then unscrew the lid and enjoy your cool summer candle.
2. Make a votive candle by filling a pot two-thirds of the way with beeswax pellets and one-third of the way with paraffin pellets. Melt both types of pellets together until they are well blended, then pour the mixture into your desired votive candle mold (ideally you would like to use something that is at least 4 inches in diameter). Allow the candle to set before lighting.
3. Use melted wax to create simple candles out of easy-to-find materials like cotton balls, Q-tips, toothpicks, and chopsticks. Simply dip each material into hot wax until it’s saturated, then place it onto a wick (use caution—hot wax can be dangerous!).

Have Some Fun with a Water Bomb Fight

Looking for ways to have some fun this summer? Why not try a water bomb fight? This is a great way to get your family outdoors and enjoy some fun activities together. All you need are some torches, some water balloons, and enough space to run around.

To start, divide your group into two teams. Each team will need at least six water balloons. Next, light one of your torches on fire using a lighter or match. Once the torch is lit, hold it over one end of the water balloon and release the balloon quickly so that the heat from the torch melts the side of the balloon and causes it to inflate.

Next, do the same thing with the other team’s balloons, but be sure to keep a safe distance away from them so that they don’t get too close to your flaming torches. Once both teams have inflated all their balloons, it’s time for battle. Group together as many balloons as you can and try to smash them against each other like crazy. The more balloons you can break in one go, the more points you’ll score. Be careful though—if someone gets too close to one of your flaming torches, they could end up getting burned.

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