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4 Ways to Choose Promo Products That Stick With Customers

Whether you are preparing for a trade show appearance, sponsoring a community even, or simply looking for handouts for your team to distribute daily, there are numerous promotional products available for your consideration. From squish balls and stickers to pens, hats, and more, how do you know which items will perform well for your company in the months and years to come? After all, promotional products cannot effectively promote your business if they are immediately tossed in the trash or stored in the back of a drawer. The most cost-effective items are those that your customers have a use for and can enjoy over the years. How can you choose products that stick with your customers?

1- Consider How the Product Can Be Used

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting effective promotional products is their usefulness. If your customers have no use for your promotional items, those products will quickly be discarded. When selecting useful products, think about items that have daily functionality. These may include a wall calendar, a pen, sticky notes, and drinkware. Look beyond the items that are generally useful and consider the types of products that your target audience will benefit from or enjoy.

2- Focus on Quality Items

Often, companies choose the cheapest promotional items available rather than the ones that are most effective. When you select a high-quality promotional product, your customers may still be using them for several years. As a result, your client will effectively advertise your company by using the product for a long period of time. Select high-quality apparel, such as t-shirts and hats. Beyond apparel stainless-steel mugs and plastic cups are other popular options.

3- Think About the Product’s Visibility

One of the primary functions of a promotional product is to foster brand recognition throughout the community. You want products that are visible to more than just the product’s owner. When you select a highly visible product, your customer may display the product to dozens or more people each day. For example, a stainless-steel mug will sit on the person’s desk and in the break room. A t-shirt may be worn to the grocery store, the gym, and other venues.

4- Prioritze Relevant Items

While these factors are critical when selecting promotional products for your business, the items should also be relevant to your business. For example, if you run a bakery, giving out branded golf balls may not make much sense unless you specifically cater to baking goods for the business niche. Consider what your customers have in common and the types of products those individuals may use daily. Once you have narrowed the options down, you can then focus on products that are most relevant to your business’s activities. When they relate to your business, their purpose is more impactful.

With so many promotional products available to choose from, you can rest assured that there are products well-suited for your needs. Now that you know what to look for when selecting promotional products, take a closer look at the options today.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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