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4 Top Sites to Watch and Download Telugu Movies in 2023 for Users

Finished with streaming and presently searching for a Telugu motion pictures downloading sites list? I can comprehend your issues with streaming now, so I’m here to help you again. Indeed, we all love to observe a few specific films over and over and on the off chance that you have a similar love for some Telugu motion pictures, I can assist you with it. No question that downloading these Telugu films free of charge might be a wrongdoing. We trust it’s not and that the sites we’ve recorded have transferred authorized, a legitimate substance we’re permitted to download.

Nonetheless, we never understand what the site proprietor has at the top of the priority list. Thus, it’s conceivable that you might be downloading pilfered content. We’re rigorously against piracy.

4 Best Telugu Movies Downloading Websites in 2023

Below are the best Telugu motion picture download websites that will permit you to download high-quality films. They are from outright amusement and no particularity by any stretch of the imagination. In this way, here you go!

Telugu Prazalu

Telugu Prazalu, as the name shows, is undoubtedly a site allowing you To download Telegu films; they view their occupation so seriously that the whole website is in Telegu (except the Top-bar). What’s more, because the site has hindered right-tapping on it, you can’t make dubbing of it to English either by utilizing the inbuilt program translators. Be that as it may, considering how you’re looking for ways Of downloading Telegu films you most likely know all about, if you are not familiar with Telegu, language obstruction should not be a significant issue.

The connection point is blog-like; it has a top bar that houses choices like Motion pictures, Paper, Video, Read, Satire, etc. Floating over Motion pictures and choosing “Telegu Films” is how you arrive at the Telegu Film download page. It has a fundamental pursuit bar which can be utilizing to look for motion pictures if you understand what you’re looking for, or use its grouping of films by “entertainers”, where you click on an Entertainer’s name and thumbnail to raise films by them.

The site is overflowing with advertisements and flags; those irritating secret promotions pop up, paying little heed to where you click on the site, followed by other unique connections and recordings in the sidebar. If you can swim through all that, it offers film download joins. It even allows clients to stream content (on a third-party site and server).

Today PK

Today PK allows you to watch and download Telugu films that are basic. There are no unique advantages or inconveniences here. The landing page shows the latest movies naturally. I loved the recency as films delivered inside the last week or so were accessible too. It implies the quality wasn’t exceptionally noteworthy, and many of them were what I call the “HDCAM” quality.

Once you click on a film thumbnail, you get to the film page. You find data about the film, like the cast, IMDB, chief, etc. You might get different servers in light of the movie you’re attempting to download. Shockingly, it’s one of only a handful of exceptional locales on this rundown that hosts content itself without utilizing outsider servers! You’ll constantly view a “download” button close to the server’s name for every film page you visit.


NaaRockers is a Portable site, meaning it’s for remembering mobile clients anyway; getting to it on a PC isn’t any more complex. The landing page has a straightforward, year-based rundown of Telegu motion pictures like Telegu Films 2010, Telegu Motion pictures 2011, Telegu Motion pictures 2012, ibomma Telugu films new 2022, .etc for dates as late as 2019. Luckily there are no “covered-up promotions” on the landing page; they genuinely do exist on the film pages. It additionally has “Popups”, which auto-start new tabs.

Tapping on the Telegu Film list from any year shows a considerable rundown of accessible Telegu motion pictures for download. It includes a pursuit bar that can be in use to look for films utilizing Catchphrases. Or on the other hand, clients can sort the rundown in light of “Old-New” or Sequentially. Tapping on a particular movie would take clients to the Film page, where they’re given fundamental data about the film, for example, type, release date, cast, etc. Downloading the movie is straightforward; there are no outsider side tracks, and the actual webpage accommodates direct download joins and, at times, even various servers for a similar document.

My Telugu Wap

MyTeluguWap is one more website in the Telugu films downloading sites list here. Like each other site, it has all highlights which make it one of the most well-known sites among South Indian film buffs. This site is mainly devoted to South Indian films; you will find different stuff connected with them. Aside from the movie, you can find excellent mp3 and video melodies of Telugu and Tamil films here. The site likewise includes a few trailers and background recordings of filmmaking here.

For the most part, you can find films until the 2015 delivery, as it were. There is likewise a different segment where all the Telugu-named motion pictures are accessible. Although the substance isn’t so wealthy with old films, you can track down all the new Telugu motion pictures here. A single issue in the webpage diverts you to another website for downloading motion pictures. Yet, I feel it is alright for however long you get every one of your preferred ideal motion pictures. It makes MyTelugu Wap an excellent expansion in the Telugu motion pictures downloading sites list.

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