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4 Statistics About Why You Should Invest in Affordable SEO Services for a Small Business

SUMMARY: Find out why your business needs an affordable SEO agency. Know what the numbers say and mean.

We always say: do the math. We say: let’s calculate the costs. That’s because we trust numbers. They never lie. Are you wondering why more and more small businesses are hiring digital marketing agencies for SEO services? Here are four statistics to help you understand what’s driving the demand. Read on and find out why it may also be the best solution for your business.

Organic search makes up 55 percent of all total website traffic.

That means more people still go online and search for what they need. Some click on paid ads. But most still do it the old-fashioned way. They Google it. That’s an organic search. If you want to grab a larger share of the consumer pie, you’ll need to increase organic search results that get clients from Google’s homepage to yours. That’s where affordable SEO agency come in. Hiring pros will help you ramp up your organic search results.

70 percent of marketers believe SEO works more than PPC.

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It’s paid online advertising. While PPC brings in revenue, it’s not as substantial as results from organic searches. That’s why some companies combine SEO and paid online marketing campaigns. That’s playing the long game. They use PPC to boost their numbers, improving site traffic. That often leads to more sales and higher conversion rates. Many businesses use paid ads for the short term, so while their PPC campaigns are running, the company takes that time to establish the business as trustworthy and reliable. It takes time because it takes time to build a reputation online. But if the marketing is done right, that should be enough to get you, loyal customers. That’s why SEO marketing means playing the long game. It takes time to set things up, but when it works, search engine marketing can knock the results out of the park.

Only 0.78 Google users click on the 2nd-page results.

One thing that excellent SEO marketing does is improve your page rankings. That means you can go higher on the SERPs (search engine results pages). The higher you go, the more visible your business is. That makes it easier for potential customers to find you. Since most people only click on results they find on the first page, that’s your goal. As a business, you want to get on the first page of the SERPs. That will increase your chances of outperforming your competition, expanding your consumer base, and growing your revenue.

Users stay longer by 2 minutes when you add videos.

In the United States, adults spend 149 minutes every day watching online video content and 167 minutes watching TV video content. Forecasts show that digital video consumption is bound to go beyond TV video consumption numbers between 2022 and 2026. That means online video consumption is high, and it won’t end any time soon. Humans are visual creatures, so that’s not surprising. Get help from a digital marketing company that offers video content production services to take advantage of this trend. A company that knows what tools and skills to leverage can help you advance your business.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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