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4 Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses  

There has been a widespread misconception among businesses about the effectiveness of email marketing. Some would even call it obsolete. But it can’t be farther from the truth because this medium of marketing is very much alive and thriving. As long as people check their emails, there will be a future for email marketing.   

But the success of your email marketing efforts significantly depends on how you do it and what tools you use. For this reason, businesses often onboard Chat Support Outsourcing Services and email marketing services to maximize the ROI. Whereas others do everything by themselves from creating lists to segmentation and rolling out campaigns.

Why Do You Need Email Marketing Software?  

Some readers may have a question why use email marketing software? Followed by why not just send simple emails? The answer is that sending emails won’t get you measurable stats and it can be a lot of hassle. You won’t know how many people opened the email. Plus, managing all campaigns separately would require colossal effort. Therefore, saving hours of human effort is a much better option to go with. Email marketing software can automate many of these efforts and get you solid results on your efforts.    

You can check out 5 solid email marketing software in this blog:   


Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing software applications out there. A good thing is that some solid features justify the hype and make it an amazing email marketing software. For starters, the company has scalable plans. You can start for free and scale your plan as per your needs.   

You can send up to a whopping 10k monthly emails on the free tier. Apart from the free option, you try other budget-friendly plans for $11 and $17 a month. You can automate the marketing efforts, see analytics, schedule campaigns, A/B Testing, and other features.   

Everything considered Mailchimp is a good email marketing platform to start things up for your business. It is simple, straightforward, affordable, yet effective.   


Sendinblue is another popular email marketing software useful in engaging your contacts and sending transactional emails. The software comes with plenty of useful features that small businesses can leverage in their campaign.  

You can get started with the free plan that allows 300 emails and paid plans don’t have any such limit. A major advantage of getting Sendinblue is the option to send SMS texts in addition to emails. So, you can leverage the direct SMS message approach in your marketing efforts as well. Coming back to the email marketing features of the platform like segmentation and unlimited contacts.  

Some not-so-pleasing things about Sendinblue are the separate addons that are charged at $12 a month on top of your plan cost. These add-ons are reporting and A/B testing. Also, the base plan requires you to opt for one of the add-ons meaning $12 more. The starting price of the Sendinblue plan is $25. However, the $65 plan comes packed with these features.  


HubSpot is a popular marketing and sales CRM that is massively popular among businesses. Email marketing tools actually come as a bonus. But they still carry some serious features to help you run a profitable marketing campaign. Apart from the effectiveness of the tool, there is so much content to help your email marketing efforts on the HubSpot academy. So, you have both the tools and a knowledge base for learning.   

Like other names on the list, you also get a free tier with Hubspot. You can send 2k monthly emails, list segmentation, and active chatbot with no contacts stored option. And if you upgrade to the $45 plan, you will get 5k emails, and 1000 contacts for two users. The offerings on this plan may look quite limiting. But the email marketing tools on HubSpot are a good free feature coming with the CRM.   

If you are opting for a CRM for sales and marketing, the additional email marketing suite is good value for money.   

Constant Contact   

Constant Contact is an email marketing software that can be super useful for eCommerce businesses. A quality feature of this tool is the fact that it offers unlimited emails, both daily and overall. Plus, the drag-and-drop email editor is super easy to use. Further, you get 200+ newsletters and email templates for free.   

The company does not offer a free plan but has pricing starting at $9 per month. This plan gets you segmentation, subject line A/B testing, and social ads and posting for 500 contacts. The prices increase with your number of contacts. For the same number of contacts, you can get the complete suite of features like eCommerce integrations and automation options.   

The software is worth trying for your business. It is especially suited for eCommerce businesses thanks to the eCommerce-oriented features. Also, there’s plenty of scalability with the software.

So, these are the 4 email marketing software applications small businesses can leverage for their growth.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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