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4 Apartment Must-Haves When Relocating for Work

When relocating for work, you don’t always have the option to arrange everything before settling down. Sometimes you must move on short notice. When that happens, finding accommodations is challenging, let alone packing up your belongings. 

You may be relocating to a new area, such as Atlanta. If so, your goal may be to find corporate housing in Atlanta. Your preference may be to live in an apartment. If that’s the case, having a housing company find you an apartment to live in is convenient. They can line up everything and, in the process, save you a lot of time. We discuss this more in depth below.

In addition to discussing the benefits of corporate housing, here are some apartment must-haves.

1. Bathroom

A bathroom is among the essential amenities in an apartment. 


Well, you cannot live without answering the call of nature! So the toilet, bath, and shower should be functional. You’ll be in there a lot, so everything should live up to your expectations.

After you move in, your bathroom should be clean and comfortable. It is embarrassing if people who visit encounter a dirty bathroom. 

Apart from cleanliness, the following items will make it more functional:

•Toilet paper


•Clean water

•Shower curtains

•Hand and face towels

•A bathmat and a rug

2. Living Room

The living space is crucial because it is the place where everything happens. In a living room, you may catch up on work, spend time with guests, and watch TV.

Your living room should be clean, tidy, and well-lit. And, of course, it should be cozy too. Settle for an apartment with natural light in the day with proper ventilation. You feel better when the room does not require lightbulbs and air conditioning. 

You don’t have to have furniture in your living room right away. But the following pieces of furniture will make your stay worthwhile.

•Comfy sofa

•Desk and chair in case you have to work at home

•Coffee table

•TV stand

•A dining table and a few chairs

3. Kitchen

A kitchen is essential because sometimes you must prepare a drink or a meal. Your new apartment’s kitchen should have basic cooking accessories and amenities A stove, microwave, and a small refrigerator will serve you well. Most, if not all, come with your apartment. Tell the housing company doing the apartment hunting what you require in a kitchen.

Once you’re moved in, the below items will help make your kitchen functional:


•Frying pan

•Bowls and plates

•A coffee maker

•A Blender

•A toaster

4. Bedroom

A bedroom is an apartment must-have. There’s no doubt that you’ll need to rest at the end of a long work day. Make your requests known that you want a smaller or larger room. Depending on how much storage you want, you may also desire a walk-in closet. 

When getting situated, there are many items you will need. 

For one, a comfortable mattress should be one of the first items you buy. You may be waiting for a specialized bed mattress to arrive. If so, in the meantime, an air mattress or futon can serve the purpose. 

You must also stock up on bedroom essentials:


•Pillows and pillowcases


•A bed skirt, if needed

A dresser, bins, or suitcases create room for storing your clothing as you continue to settle. So, consider purchasing things to store items, as well. 

Advantages of Corporate Housing

Relocations can be sudden that you aren’t sure what to do next. Corporate housing can save you from this predicament. They can find you a furnished apartment meant for temporary renting. 

Short-term and Furnished Rental

You can stay in a rental for a month or more. This is more economical than a hotel that charges a daily fee. 

An advantage of corporate housing is that you do not need to bring furniture. This reduces how much you need to move. In addition, corporate housing usually is available on short notice. So, it’s ideal if you don’t have much time to move. 

Essential Amenities 

Whether you rent a house or an apartment, it usually comes with the following: 


•One or more bedrooms

•Private bathroom

•Fully equipped kitchen




•Essential utilities

Corporate housing may arrange an apartment for you. So, you have access to amenities such as a community gym, lounge, business center, and a washer and dryer. 

More Affordable

Another benefit is that you spend less when staying at an apartment arranged by corporate housing. The reason why it’s less is that you pay by week or month. The deal gets better if you stay longer as you will pay monthly.

Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

After relocating for work, It mayl take time for your new apartment to feel like home. Move into an apartment with the above amenities and furniture. Having the essentials covered will give you time to add to your home in time. And, if you’re only staying for a three-month job, you may have everything you need! 

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Uneeb Khan
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